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The Quote Machine Chad Johnson does it again

Chad Johnson easily reigns as the league’s funniest guy, but, apparently, Ocho Cinco isn’t all fun-n-games because he’s already planning on how he can injury Carson Palmer in a fight. Why you laughing? We’re serious. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, nothing gets the NFL juices flowin’ like a little preseason premeditated […]

Odds and Ends: Andre Dawson’s Creek

Strange, but true; Andre Dawson was a member of the Dawson’s Creek cast. And you thought Bob Golic was the only professional athlete turned talented actor on the market. In other news… []: With no Chad Johnson around, horse beats man in marathon [Blazer’s Edge]: WWE buys the NBA and the Clippers acquire The Great […]

Chad Johnson is committed to laying the smacketh down on every citizen of earth

If you ever met Chad Johnson, what would you say? More importantly, what would you want him to say? You might not even know it, but you want him to deliver some gum-flapping, spittle-spraying, momma-ragging trash talk in your direction. Odds are, you’ll never get close enough to Ocho-Cinco that he’d unload on you, but […]

Chad Johnson’s celebration leaves T.K. wanting more

After guaranteeing the world that he’d rock our socks off when he crossed the goal line, Chad Johnson didn’t disappoint us with his delayed creativity. While the spontaneous imagination (and by spontaneous we mean scripted) has been somewhat dampened by the NFL rule changes, if you’ve got a couple extra minutes to wait around before […]

Chad Johnson shuts us up

A while back we told Chad Johnson that he should reconsider racing a horse because we thought that he’d get smoked. Well, when you’re wrong, you’re wrong and this time we were wrong. Ocho-Cinco ended up being the one doing the smoking (no, not that kind of smoking) as he torched that colt like he […]

Odds and Ends: Amanda Beard Playboy pics

Well, folks, that certainly didn’t take much time for someone to leak the scans of the photos of Amanda Beard’s playboy spread onto the internet. They are fairly decent but more of an artsy Herb Ritts kind of photos (which is probably what she is going for) than actual, man that’s sexy type photo shoot. […]

Someone might want to check Chad Johnson for horse steroids

So, if you had to guess, which NFL player would you say is crazy enough to race a friggin’ horse? Give up? Well, we all know that Ray Buchanan would probably guess it would be Shannon Sharpe but Sharpe doesn’t have the stones to go one-on-one with a stallion. You gotta be a batshit, fruit-loopy, […]

Chad Johnson’s mouth makes the news again

Chad Johnson loves to talk. And talk and talk and talk. So, it isn’t surprising that every now and then he makes a fool of himself by barking like a pit-bull and biting like yorkie. It’s really no big deal when it comes to gridiron trash talk; Johnson’s gotta be used to wiping egg off […]

Chad Johnson is the best trash talker in the league

Kellen Winslow might have fired the first round but then Chad Johnson returned fire with a series of shots. First, Winslow said that Browns corner Leigh Bodden would shut down Chad this weekend. In response, Chad had a teleconference with the Cleveland media that must have made Marvin Lewis just shake his head. It’s humanly […]

Chad Johnson’s Chicken Dance

I’m no creampuff! Chad Johnson is going to lead the World’s Largest Chicken Dance this weekend at Oktoberfest-Zinzinnati. This certainly beats Carson Palmer’s Cornhole Classic, which is a lot more innocent than it sounds. It’s much better to be associated with Chicken Dancing than cornholing. Anyway, Chad Johnson’s involvement as the Grand Marshall just upped […]

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