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The Jackass generation continues to thrive

Who says the Olympics need an extravagant torch lighting ceremony? We’d be perfectly happy if they did something simple and classy like this: Our favorite part is pre-inferno when the idiot who’s letting himself be lit on fire calls the other idiot an idiot. What an idiot.

The lost tapes of Erin Andrews’ early days in the sports biz

We know that you can’t wait for the NFL season to roll around. The anticipation is enough to make you want to cryogenically freeze yourself so you can peacefully sleep until its time to draft your fantasy team. Well, here’s a little something to help dull the pain of everyday life without the pigskin flying. […]

You probably never figured this was the cause of yesterday’s monster traffic jam

This is one of those rare times when we would actually encourage drivers to participate in overly-aggressive fits of road rage.

This is what happens when the Harlem Globetrotters reject your application

If you thought finger jousting was a horrible, horrible idea then just wait until you get a load of the latest sports sensation sweeping the nation: spinning stuff! See more funny videos at CollegeHumor It might be stupid, but it still beats the hell out of competitive beer pong.

Those who can’t play basketball obviously rap about basketball

Remember back when Max Kellerman was rapping about boxing and Muhammad Ali and we totally ripped on him? Well, turns out that Max & Sam had some pretty sick mic skills; in comparison that is.

Attention sissies: the UroClub is your ticket to "discrete" golf course urination

When you go golfing, what’s the biggest problem you encounter? Oh, and getting the beer girl’s number and breaking par don’t count. Obviously, the answer is finding a decent spot to piss. While most normal dudes will just head for the nearest tree or, if you’re our friends, the nearest unattended golf bag, the UroClub […]

British Shin Kicking Championship

We always thought the people with way, way, way too much free time on their hands took up finger jousting, but apparently they go skin kicking as well. See more funny videos at CollegeHumor

Backyard boneheads

Pro wrestling gets virtually no respect, constantly getting treated like a joke amongst the sporting spectrum. Hell, the potheads at the X-Games are given more legitimacy than wrasslers. But there is a group of guys who are undeniably more mentally challenged than pro wrestlers: backyard wrestlers! – Watch more free videos

Kid goes for a ride after trying to imitate Kobe’s car jump

Lots of kids look up to Kobe Bryant. They want to talk like him, dribble like him, dunk like him and attempt to force trades like him. But what most kids don’t have that Bryant does is some serious hops and a crew of special effects guys. – Watch more free videos

Roof + fence + jumping = OUCH!

What ever happened to just playing baseball when you’re at a baseball field? Kids these days!

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