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It’s true, everybody in MLB is doping

The use of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs has virtually marred the game of Major League Baseball unrecognizable. Nobody can jack a dinger or throw a 100-mph heater anymore without some level of scrutiny and doubt being cast upon their true abilities. And rightfully so. But one place we never ever thought would be […]

Arnold Swarchenegger sings the story of steroids

So, you think that steroids, human growth hormone and other performance enhancing drugs are a relatively new phenomenon, huh? Well, then you have yet to be educated on the subject by the Governator.

Jose Canseco says Alex Rodriguez is an attempted home wrecker

Jose Canseco has a new book coming out which can mean only one thing: more major leaguers are about to get thrown under the bus. First up, Alex Rodriguez. According to writer Joe Lavin who got his hands on a copy of “Vindicated: Big Names, Big Liars, and The Battle to Save Baseball” prior to […]

Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens might be cheaters, but have you considered the alternatives?

Everybody is up in arms these days about steroids in professional sports, especially baseball. Now, we’re not condoning the use of illegal substances, but, in our opinion, it has gotten to a point where removing steroids and growth hormones and bull sperm or whatever else they use would actually be a disservice to the game. […]

Forget Roger Clemens; you’re telling us Wolf might be juiced!?

If you’ve had an opportunity to watch the souped-up new version of American Gladiators then you already know the show just isn’t what it used to be. Okay, we’ll just say it: it totally blows. But, don’t worry, it probably won’t be around much longer. After all, nothing sinks a crummy, revamped game show faster […]

The Full Count: Barry Bonds and some milestone or something

He did it. After all the speculation, all the debate, all the waiting, Barry Bonds has finally broken the all-time homerun record. The most important number in sports, 755, fell late Tuesday night. Nationals pitcher Mike Bacsik fired a fastball over the middle on a 3-2 count in the fifth inning, and the pitch turned […]

The Full Count: Milestone Weekend

1. Join the Club: The day after A-Rod’s 500th homer and Barry Bonds’ 755th, Tom Glavine reached yet another milestone. Glavine became the 23rd pitcher to reach the 300 win club, and only the 5th lefty. He joins Roger Clemens and Greg Maddux as the only players this decade to reach the mark. Glavine won […]

2 years and 9 months in jail for what?

Troy Ellerman, the attorney who leaked grand jury testimony in the BALCO case has agreed to the maximum sentence of 2 years and 9 months in jail. While this is 9 months longer than his plea bargain, prosecutors did reduce his fine from $250,000 to $60,000. Ellerman had also previously gave up his California law […]

Hey Lance, nobody cares what you think

Hey, everyone gather round, Lance Armstrong, doping expert and medical doctor doesn’t believe that Floyd Landis took any banned substances when he won the Tour de France last year. I think conventional wisdom is that he will lose (his arbitration hearing), because USADA has never lost a case,” said Armstrong, the guest speaker Tuesday at […]

This Floyd Landis case is out of control

What was supposed to be a small (medium sized?) cheating case in the Tour de France has turned into a year long ordeal by Floyd Landis to find the real killers dopers. Well, that’s not all folks, it’s time to mix in a little blackmail and sex. According to reports, Greg LeMond (legendary cyclist for […]

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