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Chad Johnson’s mouth makes the news again

Chad Johnson loves to talk. And talk and talk and talk. So, it isn’t surprising that every now and then he makes a fool of himself by barking like a pit-bull and biting like yorkie. It’s really no big deal when it comes to gridiron trash talk; Johnson’s gotta be used to wiping egg off his face by now, but people in the real world don’t seem to appreciate it when he doesn’t back up his promises.

Cincinnati resident Thomas J. Monahan is suing Funny Bone Comedy Club after Johnson failed to follow through with his promise to give away a Lexus that he had received for free from a Florida dealership. Apparently Monahan bought a bunch of tickets at $17 a pop only to have Johnson give the car to some nappy headed ho. Monahan’s son also got screwed out of a trip to the Super Bowl that Johnson had put up for grabs. But Monahan isn’t alone as five other plaintiffs are getting in on the action claiming that they were also denied trips that were promised by Ocho-Cinco during his stint as host of a comedy showcase at the club.

Damn Chad, if you keep flapping your lips like this and your list of “Who Covered 85 in `05” will be dwarfed by the new “Who Sued 85 in ’07” list, and nobody wants that. The NFL and its fans need your flashy grills, silly hairdos, big mouth and especially your choreographed TD celebrations. And after making it into the end zone only seven times last season, we need you to be on the practice field, not in the courtroom.


[Sports By Brooks]: Man sues Chad Johnson for alleged Lexus renege
[]: Chad Johnson added to lawsuit

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