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Okla…homa Sooners get punk’d and then get pissed

When we first saw the news about Quinton “Rampage” Jackson’s little case of road rage, we figured it had to be an elaborate joke. After all, he was trying to evade the cops in a jacked-up truck with a life-sized picture of himself on the side. Something tells us that probably wasn’t the best choice […]

Tony Parker sues over his alleged `And-1′ opportunity

It didn’t long for the rumor bug to start biting one of sports/Hollywood’s hottest couples and, on Wednesday, the duo started biting back. San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker is suing for publishing stories that he had an affair with a French model. Oh-la-la! Parker claims there was a bunch of “false and […]

Ric Flair doesn’t think imitation is the greatest form of flattery

If you’re a fan of professional wrestling, then you’ve probably been wondering what happened to Ric Flair. No, he’s still not retired yet and he’s not in the hospital after receiving a STD from a lucky lady who took a ride on Space Mountain. No, apparently Flair is too busy suing car dealerships to deliver […]

Locker room penetration leads to lawsuit for Texas school district/football coaches

We’ve known for some time now that wrestling can beget a little butt hole penetrating `prank’ or two. Or maybe they’re legitimate moves, what the hell do we know? We try to keep our anuses away from other peoples’ fingers at all costs. But now we’re finding out that the anal rapes have jumped into […]

Even more reason to hate Michael Vick: he’s a member of Al Qaeda!!

Okay, the lawsuits in this country have gotten completely out of control! If you’ve got a dollar to your name nowadays it’s certain that some penniless, pathetic bastard is going to find a douche bag lawyer and slap you with some frivolous charges. Maybe you’ll get accused of spitting on someone or maybe you’ll get […]

To prove she’s not a nappy headed ho, Rutgers player wants cash

Kia Vaughn is suing Don Imus, CBS Radio, CBS Corp, and possibly anyone with money because Imus called her a nappy headed ho on the radio. Just when you thought lawsuits couldn’t get more ridiculous in this country and just when you thought the stupid Don Imus thing was finally dead, here comes the cash […]

Eddie Sutton and OSU get slapped with lawsuits over drunken accident

We know that there are a lot of people out there who will jump all over any opportunity that presents itself in order to make a quick buck. That’s why we’re reserving judgment on whether Skip To My Lou spits or swallows. But sometimes you can just tell when someone is trying to abuse the […]

Mark Cuban proves he’s a moron…again

We all knew that Mark Cuban was a big brat from the first day he bought the Mavericks. We learned that he was a big baby when he started all his courtside shenanigans shortly after. We found out that he had a huge man crush on his German superstar when Dirk Nowitzki won the MVP […]

Josh Hancock’s father might try to sue God next

Dean Hancock, the father of Josh Hancock, the St. Louis pitcher who was killed in a traffic accident last month, really needs to blame somebody for the death of his son. He is suing the restaurant that served his son alcohol which certainly has legal precedence. But here’s the kick in the crotch — he […]

Odds and Ends: Yankees fans aren’t delusional at all

ESPN had an interesting poll on how the addition of Roger Clemens affects their postseason chances. A majority of voters (48%) said they’d miss the playoffs while 17% though they will be World Series Champs. What’s interesting is that only in 3 states do a majority of folks feel that the Yankees will be champions […]

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