Odds and Ends: Everybody on the Warriors Bandwagon

When did Snoop adopt 2 white kids?

There’s still time to jump on the ever expanding Warriors bandwagon folks. Their second round series begins tonight against the Utah Jazz. Don’t be ashamed, folks, the Warriors barely register in NBA rivalries and nobody actually hates the Warriors so it’s ok to front run with the boys from the city of Golden State. You can join notable bandwagoners as Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson and Snoop Dogg! We’re gonna give Jessica Alba a pass as she can do no wrong and her boyfriend went to high school with Baron Davis. Game 1 is in Utah so expect no celebrities to show up but Game 3 will be chock full of em. We wouldn’t be surprised if Jack Nicholson showed up.

In other news…

[Seattle PI]: The unwritten rules of sports — in writing

[YouTube]: Nerf Dunk Contest… some people have way too much time

[The Age]: Eight-year-old gets hole in one. Damn kids.

[Our Book of Scrap]:Royals Fans Loves Them Some Bagels

[WBRS Sports]: Brady is a Chump

[Steroid Nation]: Florida: Home of dirty elections and clean high school athletes

And finally, don’t forget to register for the 2007 World Egg Throwing Federation Championships.

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  1. BostonMac | May 7, 2007 | Reply

    Brady is a chump — WHEW I was going to post some fighting words on the “Brady is a chump” article but it turns out it was Brady QUINN.  Whew.  In that case, yeah, he’s a chump.

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