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Joe Calzaghe’s dad’s money is on his boy

The fighting game these days is more about kicking and cages than rings and rope-a-dopes. But that doesn’t mean MMA is the only game in town. On Saturday – the same night UFC heads to Canada to deliver the much awaited rematch between Matt Serra and George St. Pierre – Las Vegas’ glitz and glamour […]

Chad Johnson is committed to laying the smacketh down on every citizen of earth

If you ever met Chad Johnson, what would you say? More importantly, what would you want him to say? You might not even know it, but you want him to deliver some gum-flapping, spittle-spraying, momma-ragging trash talk in your direction. Odds are, you’ll never get close enough to Ocho-Cinco that he’d unload on you, but […]

Hines Ward talks trash about Peyton

In an unprovoked attack, Hines Ward decided to talk a little trash about Peyton Manning. This is fun. I love the treatment. When you can walk in and see all the players from other teams, there’s nothing they can say to you. You’re on top that whole offseason. I’ve been all over, to L.A., to […]

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