Joe Calzaghe’s dad’s money is on his boy

The fighting game these days is more about kicking and cages than rings and rope-a-dopes. But that doesn’t mean MMA is the only game in town. On Saturday – the same night UFC heads to Canada to deliver the much awaited rematch between Matt Serra and George St. Pierre – Las Vegas’ glitz and glamour will be watching a big time boxing match between Joe Calzaghe and Bernard Hopkins. As it is with most fights, whether MMA or boxing, the trash talk was abundant between the two gladiators. But Calzaghe, he just doesn’t give a s***.

The undisputed super-middleweight champ said: “Hopkins keeps calling himself a living legend but at the end of the day he’s still lost four fights.

“He’s been beaten four times, which is four times more than I have, so I don’t give a s*** what he says.

“He can talk b******s all he likes — let’s see what happens in the fight.

“My dad Enzo is a good caller of fights and he’s told me that if I fight like I usually do, I’ll beat the s*** out of Hopkins.”

Apparently, Joe learned nothing from Kramer. If you go with Enzo, “You’re crazy.”


[The Sun]: I’ll beat the s*** out of Hopkins

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