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The world’s greatest athlete is not who you think it is

Arguing over who’s better than who in the wide world of sports has been going on for decades. It’s a difficult and often sticky situation because trying to compare athletes from different sports is like comparing apples and oranges. ESPN put together one of the most compelling arguments by assembling the SportsCentury: Top 100 Athletes of the 20th Century, but that was just a bunch of people giving their opinions on the matter.

Why can’t there be a more scientific approach? Well, now there is; thanks to The Wall Street Journal.

The Journal sought to identify the world’s greatest athlete with an approach that, while not completely scientific, took a number of measures into account. A panel of five sports scientists and exercise physiologists was given a list drawn up by the Journal of 79 male athletes. Candidates had to be active in their sport and among the all-time best. (Women will be featured separately in a future article.)

The panel weighed individual performance stats, along with their subjective judgments about the relative difficulty of each sport, to give an overall grade to the athletes. (See “How We Did It” for details.) The judges graded athletes on speed, reflexes, stamina, coordination, as well as power, strength and size. The finalists, they said, exhibited a wide range of athletic skill in highly competitive environments.

There were some surprises. Tiger Woods, a dominant figure in professional sports, didn’t crack the Top 10. Panelists said they didn’t give golfers much weight when assessing overall athletic ability. Michael Phelps, one of the greatest U.S. swimmers of all time, also missed the top tier because, the judges said, swimmers generally don’t perform well out of the water. Such endurance athletes as marathoners and Tour de France cyclists also failed to impress. Too one-dimensional, the panel said.

Based on their findings, here are the Journal’s Top 10:

10. Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees
9. Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, FC Barcelons
8. Jeremy Wariner, 400-meter sprinter
7. Liu Xiang, 110-meter hurdler
6. Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins
5. Roger Federer, tennis
4. LaDanian Tomlinson, San Diego Chargers
3. Floyd Mayweather, boxer
2. LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers
1. Roman Sebrie, decathlete

You probably haven’t ever heard of the guy, but it’s hard to argue against someone who can “jump over Shaquille O’Neal,” “throw a 16-pound ball the length of a 53-foot yacht” and “leap over a two-lane highway.” Oh, and he’s run a mile in 4:21.


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Floyd Mayweather in a cage? It could happen

A long, long time ago Floyd Mayweather was the greatest boxer alive. But that was before he got bored with the competition. So, Money went on to samba and polka his way into America’s heart on Dancing with the Stars before deciding to take his in-ring skills to a different kind of squared circle, accepting a whole mess of WWE’s cash in order to get in a match with the Big Show at Wrestlemania. Well, it appears Mayweather still can’t decide on a full-time career.

The following was sent along to by Angel Aramboles:

I just got off the phone with a source very close to the situation and I am told that Floyd Mayweather and his representatives have been in contact with UFC’s Dana White as late as Wednesday but “possibly as late as last night” according to the source.

UFC is expected to make several announcements on Thursday.

1) Anderson Silva will be fighting in the light heavyweight class
2) Chuck Liddell will fight in the main event on the September pay-per-view in Atlanta

However, the big announcement being rumored is that Floyd Mayweather will be signing or has signed with UFC. For those that did not read our last update, Mayweather announced his retirement from boxing. If this signing turns out to be the case this would be a huge coup for UFC as it would surely attract some of the boxing fans that have not given UFC a chance.

Since Big Show was no problem for Mayweather, we figure that his first opponent should be Rampage. That should be a money maker…or a back breaker.


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Floyd Mayweather faces his BIGGEST challenge to date, even if it’s fake

Floyd Mayweather doesn’t need any cheap gimmicks to keep his name in the headlines or to remind people that he is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, but that didn’t stop him displaying his twinkle-toes on Dancing With the Stars. On Sunday, he did it again by hopping in the ring with The Big Show at the WWE pay-per-view No Way Out. In case you haven’t heard, Mayweather teed off on the big fella and broke his nose, leaving one pissed off, bleeding giant wanting revenge. On Monday Night RAW, Show got what he wanted when he convinced Mayweather to take him on in a wrestling match. We don’t know how the WWE plans to spin this thing, but it should be interesting to watch. Hopefully, just hopefully, it ends with another flurry of fists; just like it started.

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Watch your back boxing, you’ve got some more competition

Boxing continues to deliver what is supposed to the sports final big fight before the UFC and MMA take over for good. This weekend’s bout is no different as the brash and arrogant Floyd Mayweather takes on the hard-hitting Brit Ricky Hatton. So, is this going to finally be the last hoorah for the sweet science? In a word – no friggin’ way. But the UFC and other fringe fighting alliances are defiantly going to be giving boxing a run for its money in the years to come. One league that we think everybody should pay extra close attention to is the HHHBCF or the Hand to Hand Heavy Bag Combat Federation.

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Forget Floyd Mayweather, we want more Karina Smirnoff

Floyd Mayweather got kicked off the Dancing With the Stars island last night. Yea, we can’t believe it either. We just lost $50 bucks after we took him at 5-1.

We’re sure that Floyd isn’t sweating getting kicked off a lame, yet wildly popular, dancing show, but he’s got to be ticked off that he went home before a buffoonish, yet wildly rich, Mark Cuban.


Floyd Mayweather is favored in big showdown. Oh, and he’s got a fight coming up too.

There are several sports related people participating in this season’s Dancing with the Stars, which kicks off on Monday, but only one of them has a 38-0 record against some of the toughest men on the planet: Mr. Floyd Mayweather. While boxing fans know all about the size and strength of Mayweather’s mouth, on Monday he gave his newly acquired ABC fan base a glimpse of how he rolls when he delivered a soft verbal right cross to WBC welterweight title contender Ricky Hatton.

The local boxer has talked some trash, reportedly labeling his opponent “Vicky Fatten.”

Mayweather said in a news conference Monday at Los Angeles: “Ricky Hatton’s cool for what he does, but fighting Floyd Mayweather is a totally different level. I’m at the pinnacle of my career — this is the creme-de-la-creme.”

Hatton countered by making fun of Mayweather: “He’s currently doing the show ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and that’s how he’s boxing. Floyd always backs up. That’s the woman part.

Not bad guys, but we’re going to have to ask you to step up your game before you December 8th showdown. Calling each other little girls just ain’t gonna cut it. In fact, until you guys get a little more creative, we’re going to be focusing our attention on the big show and try to make some sweet jack with “Mr. Las Vegas” at 8-to-1. Seriously, the odds are out.

According to

Melanie Brown 4-1
Floyd Mayweather 5-1
Sabrina Bryan 11-2
Josie Maran 6-1
Cameron Mathison 7-1
Helio Castroneves 15-2
Jennie Garth 8-1
Wayne Newton 8-1
Albert Reed 10-1
Jane Seymour 12-1
Marie Osmond 12-1
Mark Cuban 15-1

Geez, we never would have guessed that Cubes would be the biggest underdog.


[]: Mocked by opponent for being `a woman,’ boxer Floyd Mayweather a favorite to win `Dancing with the Stars’

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Chad Johnson shuts us up

A while back we told Chad Johnson that he should reconsider racing a horse because we thought that he’d get smoked. Well, when you’re wrong, you’re wrong and this time we were wrong. Ocho-Cinco ended up being the one doing the smoking (no, not that kind of smoking) as he torched that colt like he torches, well, the Colts.

But what really surprised us was what Johnson said after the race as he called out Floyd Mayweather, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and some NASCAR hillbilly to take him on in their respective professions. Listen, we all know that Johnson is a helluvan athlete but surely he’s bitten off more than his big mouth can chew this time. That stupid horse might have made us look stupid but there is no way CJ KO’s Mayweather or dunks on LBJ. Is there?