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Playboy makes life it a little more crappy for Barry Bonds

Talk about bittersweet; Barry Bonds is on the verge of breaking the all-time home run record and not only does he have to deal with steroid induced legitimacy issues and the impending boos that will rain down should he break the record on the road, but now he has to deal with a naked, big mouthed mistress.

Kimberly Bell’s nude spread and interview regarding the two’s relationship during 2005 when a grand jury began investigating perjury allegations will appear in Playboy next month.

The opportunity was there, and I took it,” she told The Associated Press in a phone interview Monday. The photo shoot “was one of the most liberating experiences of my life.

In addition to being “liberating,” Bell’s shoot with Playboy has got to be pretty darn financially rewarding as well. Although, Bell declined to reveal the number of zeros it took to get her naked. And we’re hoping that when the magazine hits the shelves on October 1, it will be pretty darn entertaining too, with stuff like:

He was very envious of Mark McGwire,” she said from her San Jose home. “He never said that was the reason, but I know it was.


If I had more self-esteem when I was younger,” she said, “I wouldn’t have been caught up with such a rotten man.

Keep it up Kim; now say something about his abnormally large head! Please!!


[]: Bonds’ gal pal in Playboy

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Odds and Ends: Amanda Beard Playboy pics

Well, folks, that certainly didn’t take much time for someone to leak the scans of the photos of Amanda Beard’s playboy spread onto the internet. They are fairly decent but more of an artsy Herb Ritts kind of photos (which is probably what she is going for) than actual, man that’s sexy type photo shoot. There’s no denying that she’s very hot but she wouldn’t be “Playboy material” if she wasn’t a famous olympic swimmer. Oh, and by the way, this is the first time real breasts have appeared in Playboy since 1976.

There’s one PSFW pic after the jump. But for now, here’s your other news… (as if you care)

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Odds and Ends: Amanda Beard on Letterman

The Amanda Beard publicity blitz is in full swing with her appearance on Letterman last night. I can’t tell whether it’s the quality of Youtube or she isn’t looking that great but… she isn’t looking that great. Flash Warner claims that it’s because “you can’t airbrush TV.” Ouch. Anyway, decide for yourself. She’s relatively funny and didn’t do anything to make us hate her or anything. Her publicist is probably angry at her for mentioning the boyfriend though. Men like their illusions.

In other news…

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Odds and Ends: Amanda Beard Playboy cover

The fine folks at Playboy were nice enough to send us this pic of Amanda Beard’s Playboy cover. The cover is standard stuff, nothing too provocative or over the top but you can still see that killer body, even with a strategically placed forearm over the goodies. The blogosphere is going to be exploding with the actual scans of her nude shots soon but we’ll probably just point you in the right direction instead of posting them.

Anyway, if you’re in the NYC area next week, Amanda Beard will be signing her July issue from noon to 2:00 at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square. We’ll try to get some candid shots from that event as well.

In other news…

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And finally, we really can’t make heads or tails of this post but you can’t deny the sheer entertainment value of two blogs titled “Arcade Fire Stole my Basketball” and “Arcade Fire Didn’t Steal Dude’s Basketball“.

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Sweet! Amanda Beard will be in Playboy

We love Amanda Beard around here so the news/rumor that she has agreed to pose in Playboy was met with a very excited “hot damn!” According to timedfinals, FHM’s world’s sexiest athlete will appear in Playboy in the next five weeks. We have absolutely nothing to add to this story except “it’s about time!”

And if you think this entry was simply an excuse to post this picture of Amanda Beard looking extra sexy, then you would be correct.

[timedfinals]: Amanda Beard to Appear in Playboy

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Did Reggie Bush set the monkeys free at the Playboy Mansion?

According to Scott Wolf of the L.A. Daily News, Reggie Bush has been banned from the Playboy Mansion for… something.

While we’d like to imagine that it was because Reggie took more than his alloted share of Hef’s girls, it didn’t have anything to do with a Playmate. (In any case, that’s probably more up Matt Leinart’s alley.)

We really need to know what Reggie Bush did to get banned from the mansion. We know it wasn’t setting the monkeys free — that was actually Pauly Shore.


[The Wizard of Odds]: Bush Banned From Playboy Mansion?