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Odds and Ends: Andre Dawson’s Creek

Strange, but true; Andre Dawson was a member of the Dawson’s Creek cast. And you thought Bob Golic was the only professional athlete turned talented actor on the market. In other news… []: With no Chad Johnson around, horse beats man in marathon [Blazer’s Edge]: WWE buys the NBA and the Clippers acquire The Great […]

And the award for fugliest baller ever goes to…

Was there any doubt? If we asked you to name us the ugliest player in the NBA, there’s no doubt the words “Sam Cassell” would be rolling off you’re tongue before we could even get the question out. But what about the ugliest player in the history of the league? A little tougher, huh? Actually, […]

Sports greatest fashion faux pas

If you think sports have always been as dapper as they are now then you’re sadly mistaken. Obviously, you’re new to the game because there have been some absolutely horrid fashion trends that swept through the world of sports. Sure, at the time they seemed like the coolest thing ever, but with time comes wisdom. […]

We never figured Dennis Rodman was a Bentley sorta guy, but this is ridiculous

We know that Dennis Rodman is a pretty strange cat and all, but, seriously, who the hell drives around in a tank with naked girls and big-haired trolls painted on it?!?! This is the most appalling vehicle ever released on U.S. soil. He should be ashamed of himself for even stepping foot inside that thing. […]

These guys are not bringing sexy back

You callin’ me ugly? Why I oughta… So, The Phoenix decided to release their list of “The 100 Unsexiest Men of 2007” and it is a pretty good compilation of ugly dudes. But, here at Sportscolumn, we’re only fascinated with the most hideous, stomach turning sports dudes that made the list. Well, we’re not really […]

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