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Odds and Ends: Retief Goosen calls Tiger a faker

The entire nation was practically pulling for Tiger Woods last weekend when he was playing in agony with a bum wheel last weekend at the U.S. Open. Well, almost the entire nation. Turns out that Retief Goosen thinks the Oscar for worst acting should have gone to Tiger. “It just seemed when he hit bad […]

Sports newest odd couple: Johnny White Guy and Jr.

Who would have ever guessed that Chris Cooley and Dale Earnhardt Jr. would be like two peas in a pod? Certainly not us, but, of course, we’d be dead wrong. Turns out the fellas have been buddy-buddy for over a year now and the bond runs so deep that Cooley actually named his dog Dale […]

Most obnoxious sports traditions

Why do we love sports? Oh, let us count the ways. The list starts with the simple addiction to competition and ends with all the sexy girlfriends and wives of the athletes. There’s a whole lot in between, but we forgot what it was because we started thinking about how lucky Reggie Bush is. Anyways, […]

Say hello to NASCAR’s biggest diva

As far at the question of “Do you NASCAR?” goes, the answer is not really, but if you’re talking about the blog then we say “Hell yeah!” Anytime something breaks in the world of redneck racing NASCAR, we go straight to to get the scoop. Today we got the rundown of the sports sexiest […]

Odds and Ends: Bill Maher is not a Michael Vick fan

You might not agree with Bill Maher all the time. Heck, you might not ever agree with him, but we certainly have his back on this one. Rolling Stone recruited Maher to put together a list of 2007 Dickheads of the Year and his No. 1 selection was the dog burier Michael Vick. Stop saying […]

Kyle Busch ends a romantic relationship on-air

Winning an award can be a nerve-racking moment for anyone. Hell, in our pee-wee football league we about pissed our pants when we had to get up and accept the awards for “Best Benchwarmers” at Chuckie Cheese. So, we gotta admit that we feel for Kyle Busch as he takes to the stage in front […]

`In yo’ face Rainbow Warrior!’

On Sunday, Jimmie Johnson became the first driver to win consecutive Nextel Cup championships since Jeff Gordon did it in 1997 and again in 1998. It was a thrilling day at the race track as Johnson came into Homestead-Miami Speedway needing an 18th place finish or better in order to become the champ. He came […]

Kyle Petty gets visor-flippin’ mad at Denny Hamlin

We’ve been known to give an unfriendly gesture or two to our fellow motorists after being cut off or tailgated. So, we can only imagine how prickly we’d be if you ratcheted up the MPH to around 200. In fact, we’d probably act a lot like Kyle Petty did after Denny Hamlin smacked him from […]

We never realized just how much strategy goes into NASCAR

We’ve tried our hardest to get into the world of motor sports, but we just can’t get excited about watching cars go round and round for hours on end. That was until we saw this segment about NASCAR that was both enlightening and educational. Since then, we can’t get enough of the stuff. Coach Dan […]

Greg Biffle hates dog killers, this means you Michael

Michael Vick is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday afternoon where he will enter a plea on the dogfighting charges against him. While most people are in total agreement that Vick is a lowlife and he should never play in the NFL again, the majority of athletes are keeping their mouths shut about the […]

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