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Kyle Busch ends a romantic relationship on-air

Winning an award can be a nerve-racking moment for anyone. Hell, in our pee-wee football league we about pissed our pants when we had to get up and accept the awards for “Best Benchwarmers” at Chuckie Cheese. So, we gotta admit that we feel for Kyle Busch as he takes to the stage in front […]

"Isiah Thomas has just signed Gus Johnson to a 4 album, 8 million dollar deal"

When we first came across this clip of Gus Johnson showing off his vocal stylings, we closed our eyes and could have sworn it was Carlton Banks letting rip. But once we opened them and realized it wasn’t a lip synching performance, we were taken back by the high octaves he could reach. Surely, somewhere […]

The sports world’s answer to the Star Wars Kid

Via Deadspin comes this funny yet groan inducing video of a kid practicing his dunks on a mini hoops set in his basement. Here’s a lesson for everyone. Don’t ever ever ever videotape yourself doing ANYTHING. It’ll end up on the internet if it’s embarassing enough.

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