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Yikes! Bikes!

In every sport, it’s bound to happen. People are going to make mistakes. Whether we’re talking about basketball, hockey, fishing, boxing, poker or golf, goof-ups are inevitable. Still, the extreme sports are hands down the winners when it comes to making the most humorous mistakes. After all, there’s no way shooting an airball or falling […]

Goooooooal!! Nooooooo!!

Other than watching Jim Marshall running a fumble in for a touchdown, er, safety back in the mid 60s, this might be one of the funniest things we’ve seen in sports. See more funny videos at CollegeHumor

Kyle Busch ends a romantic relationship on-air

Winning an award can be a nerve-racking moment for anyone. Hell, in our pee-wee football league we about pissed our pants when we had to get up and accept the awards for “Best Benchwarmers” at Chuckie Cheese. So, we gotta admit that we feel for Kyle Busch as he takes to the stage in front […]

This just in. Field reporters have horrible luck

Being a reporter is a dangerous job. Even in the cushy world of sports things get a little chaotic from time to time, as you’ll see in the opening minutes of this clip which proves pro wrestlers don’t necessarily need steroids to be in a rage. Compilation of Reporters Getting Owned – Watch more free […]

Five minutes of must see `D’oh!’ moments

We have to apologize in advance for the horrible music accompanying this video, but you gotta take the good with the bad sometimes. This is one of the funnier collections of clips we’ve seen in a while so, hit the mute button if you have to, but make sure you stick around until the 2:20 […]

We’ve got more bloopers than you can shake a stick at

There’s nothing we love more than a good blooper reel, so we were totally stoked to come across this collection of classic clips coupled with some great footage we’d never seen before. So, kick back, relax and try to forget all about the drama of dogfighting, steroids, crooked refs and the other scandals that are […]

It’s time for a wicked shot to the funny bone

The Best Damn Sports Show Period isn’t worth a damn in our opinion. If you think the blowhards over at ESPN are obnoxious and annoying, just try to stomach 15 minutes with Chris Rose and his band of merry men. But we do have to give those losers credit when it is due; they have […]

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