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Learn to master the "Lucky Penny" and we guarantee you’ll never lose in HORSE again

A good general rule of thumb in life is that you shouldn’t believe something until you’ve seen it. But with modern technology, you can’t always be certain that what you are seeing is authentic. Pictures and videos are easily manipulated and put on the web, quickly spreading to the farthest reaches of cyberspace, creating massive […]

Odds and Ends: More testicle news than you can stuff in a sack

Awful Announcing brought our attention to a peak and our breakfast back into our mouths when they relayed a story from ABC News concerning what lies ahead for Diamondbacks catcher Chris Snyder and his recently fractured testicle. Here are some of the chilling details. “I don’t think [Synder will] have a difficult time with it,” […]

Across the street, off the roof, down the stairs, into the trashcan, no rim

Michael Jordan and Larry Bird wish they could sink HORSE shots like these. – Watch more free videos

Hey, Beijing, are you ready for these guys?!

Team USA is still looking for that perfect combination of mad skillz and selflessness from the NBA’s best ballers in attempt to erase years of frustration at the hands of its international competition. When the team travels to Beijing in a little over a month, they might be sporting the best roster they’ve had since […]

Those who can’t play basketball obviously rap about basketball

Remember back when Max Kellerman was rapping about boxing and Muhammad Ali and we totally ripped on him? Well, turns out that Max & Sam had some pretty sick mic skills; in comparison that is.

The secret to getting mad handles is guttural grunting

What happens when you cross a wannabe baller and about two pots of coffee? Basically, you get this: So, that’s what Dan Cortese was up to between MTV Sports and My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad.

Dunking from the free throw line is no longer impressive

If you think Yao Ming is the only baller to come from the Far East then you obviously haven’t seen this guy! He’s got some serious hops and even more impressive range. He can hit the trey, he can slam dunk and when the conditions are right, he can even pull up from behind the […]

Kapow! Right in the kisser!

You’ve seen SlamBall and undoubtedly, you were disappointed in what you saw. That’s because while it had basketball and trampolines, it was leaving out the most important part – the dodgeball to the cranium.

Is it still considered "hot-dogging" if it’s done by an actual dog?

Skip To My Lou ain’t got nothing on Rover. See more funny videos at CollegeHumor Links: []: Dog Joins the Globetrotters

Always, always, always keep your eye on the ball

You know when you go to the game and on the jumbotron they always have a clever rendition of three-card monte? Well, this is kind of like that only when it’s over, instead of feeling stupid for being tricked, you start to feel bad about clipping that cyclist who was in full competition gear last […]

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