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Soccer reporter uses the ol’ fake bomb threat trick to delay his plane

Apparently, this guy never learned about “It’s OK, I’m a soccer reporter.” The world of sports reporting is tough and to make it in the industry, you got to be able to think on your feet. Ingenuity goes a long way as well. But having these qualities isn’t enough, it really comes down to how […]

Odds and Ends: Unfortunately, Marcus Vick’s hero is still his big brother

Marcus Vick was arrested early Thursday morning in Norfolk after taking police on a brief chase. Once the former Virginia Tech miscreant was captured, he was charged with driving under the influence and received citations for driving on the wrong side of the road, reckless driving, eluding police and driving on a suspended license before […]

This just in. Field reporters have horrible luck

Being a reporter is a dangerous job. Even in the cushy world of sports things get a little chaotic from time to time, as you’ll see in the opening minutes of this clip which proves pro wrestlers don’t necessarily need steroids to be in a rage. Compilation of Reporters Getting Owned – Watch more free […]

We just found the dumbest sports reporter in the world and he’s not an Around The Horn panelist

From the idiotic quotes department, it appears that Clinton Portis, Terrell Owens’ publicist and Stephon Marbury will have to get a little closer in order to make room for the newest inductee into the “no mental filter” hall of fame. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reporter Paul Zeise appeared on the television show Sports Showdown on Sunday evening […]

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