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Soccer reporter uses the ol’ fake bomb threat trick to delay his plane

Apparently, this guy never learned about “It’s OK, I’m a soccer reporter.” The world of sports reporting is tough and to make it in the industry, you got to be able to think on your feet. Ingenuity goes a long way as well. But having these qualities isn’t enough, it really comes down to how […]

Stanford isn’t the only major turbulence to rock USC’s world

We used to think that John Madden was a big dope for spending hours driving all across the nation in a bus instead of hopping on a plane and skipping from city to city. We used to think that Tony Kornheiser was a complete wuss because he basically injects himself with horse tranquilizers before boarding. […]

Fred Taylor almost went sky diving without a parachute

Wonder if these guys were pilotingat the time? Do you hate flying as much as we do? After experiencing some seriously disturbing in-air disturbances while visiting Africa, we’re guessing that Jaguars running back Fred Taylor does. Taylor had been touring Zambia and Zimbabwe and all those other Z-countries in South Africa with his wife and […]

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