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Matt Jones gets busted with cocaine in Arkansas

Sure, being a pro athlete sounds great and wonderful, but they have lives full of stress, demands, headaches and tons of physical activity. Sound familiar? Everything except the physical activity, of course. They might get paid millions more, but, in reality, they deal with the same crap as us normal folks, but just on a […]

Fred Taylor almost went sky diving without a parachute

Wonder if these guys were pilotingat the time? Do you hate flying as much as we do? After experiencing some seriously disturbing in-air disturbances while visiting Africa, we’re guessing that Jaguars running back Fred Taylor does. Taylor had been touring Zambia and Zimbabwe and all those other Z-countries in South Africa with his wife and […]

Khalif Barnes doesn’t hate white cops — just the one who arrested him

After being picked up for driving drunk in Jacksonville back in November, Jaguars offensive tackle Khalif Barnes decided to let the Jacksonville law enforcement know exactly how he felt about them. And apparently, he feels like Jacksonville is not too far away from burning crosses and wearing white sheets and calls the arresting officer a […]

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