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Matt Jones gets busted with cocaine in Arkansas

Sure, being a pro athlete sounds great and wonderful, but they have lives full of stress, demands, headaches and tons of physical activity. Sound familiar? Everything except the physical activity, of course. They might get paid millions more, but, in reality, they deal with the same crap as us normal folks, but just on a […]

It’s true, everybody in MLB is doping

The use of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs has virtually marred the game of Major League Baseball unrecognizable. Nobody can jack a dinger or throw a 100-mph heater anymore without some level of scrutiny and doubt being cast upon their true abilities. And rightfully so. But one place we never ever thought would be […]

American pitcher is in the middle of a hairy situation in Japan

It’s bad enough when any professional athlete in any sport test positive for drugs. It’s even worse when someone becomes the first player to fail a drug test in the history of a sport. But the absolute worst has to be getting suspended for pissing dirty and having the banned substance turn out to be […]

Another reason why the NFL needs better drug testing

For all you people out there who think that rage is the only emotion that can result from illegal drug use in the world of football, think again. There can be a variety of reactions that can occur from taking medications that are not specifically prescribed for an athlete. So, the next time you are […]

Foreman claims someone spiked his water before "Rumble in the Jungle"

Well, George Foreman has a new book out, so that can only mean one thing…outrageous, untimely accusations in hopes of whipping up a media buzz that will push his memoir up the bestseller charts. So what is the controversy Foreman speaks of in his book “God in My Corner,” you ask? No, it’s not that […]

I suppose you can tell me of a better place to keep my bling?

Michael Vick finally spoke publicly for the first time since his suspicious bottle incident at the Miami International Airport two months ago, and frankly his story doesn’t hold water. Vick says that the bottle which was confiscated for having a secret compartment that stunk of the sticky-icky-icky was actually a jewelry box. OK, Mike, we […]

This could lead to an exodus to Canada

A top drug testing official in Canada said that marijuana should be removed from the list of banned drugs because it’s taking time and resources away from catching people who are actually cheating. For athletes to be punished, they have to show a level of marijuana in their systems that indicates regular use, or some […]

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Pacman Jones tells us what’s wrong with the NFL drug policy

Pacman Jones is scheduled to appear in court this month for an obstruction of justice charge stemming from a fight with a police officer during a traffic stop. Pacman Jones in trouble again… yawn. (As the report mentioned, Jones has been in at least 10 off-the-field incidents involving police since being drafted.) Wake us up […]

Jockey uses dildo for drug test

Jason Warrington was one of 19 track riders and jockeys nabbed in a drug raid at Toowoomba’s Clifford Park racecourse on Tuesday. Warrington had left the track when he was asked by Queensland Racing stewards to come back to provide a urine sample for precautionary drug testing. Acting chief steward John Hackett became suspicious of […]

Inside Josh Heytvelt’s backpack

Those Twix are dangerous! Police today released photos of evidence in the drug arrest of Gonzaga’s Josh Heytvelt and Theo Davis. More than an ounce of mushrooms, three muffins with mushrooms, and a blunt. Heytvelt might be facing felony charges for the mushrooms. The mushrooms were found in a “Basketball Hall of Fame Challenge” backpack […]

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