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For some strange reason Chris Berman wants to cover the CFL

Apparently ESPN is yanking all the instant classic clips of Chris Berman off YouTube. But don’t think for a second they can kill our fun. If you ask us, the Chris Berman off-air rant has become a cult classic and there will always be a gem rising to the surface. Here’s the latest leak we […]

War with Canada narrowly avoided

We almost had a political disaster on our hands Saturday night when the Toronto Blue Jays played the LA Dodgers. A Canadian fan was harassed by a Dodger Stadium security guard for waving a Canadian flag. The offending fan was Lee Fraser who is the president of Canadians Abroad, a bunch of expats who attend […]

Ben Johnson is still disgracing Canada after all these years

Sorry Ben, they still haven’tforgotten. Canada has lots of enduring qualities: clean air, government sponsored health care, Labatt Blue Beer (actually the jury is still out on that one), and according to Bowling for Columbine, nobody bothers to lock their doors. Oh and don’t forget that its home to North America’s version of Amsterdam in […]

This could lead to an exodus to Canada

A top drug testing official in Canada said that marijuana should be removed from the list of banned drugs because it’s taking time and resources away from catching people who are actually cheating. For athletes to be punished, they have to show a level of marijuana in their systems that indicates regular use, or some […]

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