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For some strange reason Chris Berman wants to cover the CFL

Apparently ESPN is yanking all the instant classic clips of Chris Berman off YouTube. But don’t think for a second they can kill our fun. If you ask us, the Chris Berman off-air rant has become a cult classic and there will always be a gem rising to the surface. Here’s the latest leak we […]

The dark side of Chris Berman

Outside of John Madden, Chris Berman has the most recognizable face and voice in all of NFL television coverage. He’s been a staple of ESPN for decades now and his “whaaaap” and car crash sound effects are things of legend. Of course, he’s also one of the most annoying men to ever strap on a […]

Odds and Ends: $20 says he eats it

Chris Berman has ruined basically everything good about sports and specifically football with his fat face and his ridiculous anchor work (just think “well dressed Amani Toomer” and “whoop whoop whooop”). So while this story may or may not be true, we’re going to go ahead and assume that it is and spread it around. […]

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