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Kevin Faulk gets popped with pot

Dealing with the end of a possible perfect season is tough. Dealing with a Super Bowl loss is even tougher. Dealing with Bill Belichick is basically torture. So, we can’t really blame the Patriots players for trying to find a way to escape all the joy turned heartache from their past season. Some guys have […]

We can already tell that Ricky Williams is going to love Denver

We knew that fans in Denver wanted Ricky Williams and his list of kind bud connections to relocate to the Mile High City should he be reinstated. What we didn’t know was that the stoners activists were willing to get a billboard for the sole purpose of persuading the ex-Longhorn. It’s simple, it’s catchy, it’s […]

Jay Feely doesn’t care for Ricky Williams or his kind bud

In a time when many athletes remain tight lipped about how they really feel about league troublemakers, the last person you’d ever expect to speak up is a friggin’ kicker. But Miami Dolphins kicker Jay “Touchy” Feely didn’t hold anything back when someone asked him what he thought about the possible return of Ricky Williams […]

It Was Either This Or A Head Shop

Why is everyone always checkingout what I’m drinking? We all know how much Michael Vick loves to smoke pot, so it only makes sense that the Falcons’ quarterback would open his own restaurant to handle his frequent late night munchies. On Wednesday, The Tasting Room became a reality; opening in suburban Atlanta and for profits […]

Drunken Idiot Tight End

It’s always said that nothing good happens after 2:00 a.m. and here’s another case that backs up that point. Seattle tight end Jeremy Stevens was pulled over around 2:15 Tuesday morning in Scottsdale, Arizona for driving erratically. Stevens was apparently so drunk off “four or five margaritas” that he could barely stand while being issued […]

This could lead to an exodus to Canada

A top drug testing official in Canada said that marijuana should be removed from the list of banned drugs because it’s taking time and resources away from catching people who are actually cheating. For athletes to be punished, they have to show a level of marijuana in their systems that indicates regular use, or some […]

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