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Chris Bosh is just like the rest of us, he hates Stephen A. Smith

Not a whole lot gets under the skin of Toronto’s twinkling star Chris Bosh. He’s usually a fun-loving, joke-cracking kind of guy who doesn’t seem to have a problem chuckling at himself or his good friend Bubba, but even the nearly seven-footer has his breaking points; like being compared to Manute Bol. Chris Bosh has […]

If you thought that Bobby Knight was a sore loser…

There were a ton of upsets in the world of college football this weekend, but we’re guessing by this clip that nobody had a worse Saturday (or Friday in the case of Mountaineers fans) than the Florida die-hard. Wait, let me rephrase that: nobody had a worse Saturday than this Florida die-hard. One word of […]

Mike Gundy does his best Bob Knight impersonation

So, what happens when you’re a sports columnist and you write a piece about a player that really ticks off their coach? Well, if you’re Jenni Carlson of The Oklahoman then you get torn into by a howling, rampaging Mike Gundy. Hey, Mike, if it’s so wrong of her to “go after” one of your […]

Jay Feely doesn’t care for Ricky Williams or his kind bud

In a time when many athletes remain tight lipped about how they really feel about league troublemakers, the last person you’d ever expect to speak up is a friggin’ kicker. But Miami Dolphins kicker Jay “Touchy” Feely didn’t hold anything back when someone asked him what he thought about the possible return of Ricky Williams […]

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