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Tim Tebow is running over the Heisman competition

After the Gators suffered their third loss of the season and slipped in the SEC East standings, it appeared as if the Ducks’ Dennis Dixon had slid into the role of the nation’s best dual threat quarterback and the leader in the Heisman race. Well, seven touchdowns and a romping of the Ol’ Ball Coach […]

If you thought that Bobby Knight was a sore loser…

There were a ton of upsets in the world of college football this weekend, but we’re guessing by this clip that nobody had a worse Saturday (or Friday in the case of Mountaineers fans) than the Florida die-hard. Wait, let me rephrase that: nobody had a worse Saturday than this Florida die-hard. One word of […]

Billy Donovan sucks, but not as bad as these guys

Minor league baseball is notorious for having absolutely gosh awful promotions. Take the retarded gimmickry of the Portland Beavers a while back. Bob L. Head night?! Talk about grasping at straws! Oh, but Portland is not the first, nor the last, to literally scrape the bottom of the creative barrel when it comes to putting […]

The state of Florida is split on Billy Donovan’s decision indecision

It was fun while it lasted. What’s up with the NBA and all this flopping that’s going on?  Well, we should really be more specific about what we’re talking about; we’re talking about the flip-flopping that is going on off the court, not the kind of flopping that Steve Nash perfected when Robert Horry gave […]

Odds and Ends: Florida Gators boosters are doing a poor job

You’d think that a national football and college basketball championship would have the Florida boosters in fine form. But this story about a robbery is an excellent example of how they are just dropping the ball: On Saturday, a UF student was taking kegs out of his truck when [five] men approached him. One 6-foot-4, […]

Florida Gator arrested for shooting rifle in the air

In a very Stephen Jackson-esque move, Florida offensive lineman, Ronnie Matthew Wilson, was arrested this morning on charges of aggravated assault, simple battery and use or display of a concealed weapon during the commission of a felony after he shot his gun into the air as he argued with another man. Oh, but this was […]

Joakim Noah doesn’t like being called "good"

We all know that Joakim Noah looks funny. And we all know that Joakim Noah dances funny. But did you know that Joakim Noah could be funny behind the mic. Well, it’s not exactly Eddie Murphy or George Carlin funny but we still think that you’ll get a chuckle out of Noah’s reaction to being […]

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