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Dwight Howard is going to suck the oxygen outta the building on Saturday

Everybody and their mother knows Dwight Howard was robbed at last year’s slam dunk competition. Luckily, he’s getting another shot at the crown this year and according to his practice sessions, he’s gotta be the favorite. If you think those are some sick dunks, can you imagine what the kid could do if he actually […]

Around the Rim: Poof!! The Magic make Boston disappear

1. Hedo to the rescue Kevin Garnett strained an abdominal muscle during his reunion with the Timberwolves on Friday night and on Sunday the Orlando Magic took advantage of the injury. The Big Ticket missed his first contest as a Celtic, giving the Magic a perfect opportunity to beat Boston for the second time this […]

Around the Rim: It’s no illusion, the Magic are for real

1. Road warriors It took an extra five minutes to get the job done, but the Magic continued their winning ways by outscoring the league’s highest scoring team in an East vs. West track meet. 240 total points were scored as Orlando downed Golden State 123-117 in Oakland. Dwight Howard almost cost his team the […]

Around the Rim: Celtics streak snapped

1. Orlando really is “The Most Magical Place On Earth” It must be an early Christmas miracle because we were certain the Celtics had 82-0 all wrapped up. Guess they’re looking at 81-1 now because the Magic just ripped the bow off that idea. Sorry ESPN. Boston made a valiant effort to keep their pursuit […]

The Magic land Rashard Lewis; take that Billy Donovan!

After Seattle drafted Kevin Durant and then traded for Jeff Green last Thursday evening, it became crystal clear that the Sonics were gently nudging Rashard Lewis out the free agent door. Okay, so it was more like a running shove, but Lewis looks like he might have found his way into a perfect situation because […]

Billy Donovan can go stuff his sorrys in a sack, mister

Read your contract Billy Donovan apologized to just about everybody yesterday and explained his decision to sign a five-year $27.5M contract with the Magic as a huge mistake. He’s expected to sign a 6-year $21M contract with Florida instead. The Orlando Magic must be the worst organization in sports if someone is willing to pass […]

The state of Florida is split on Billy Donovan’s decision indecision

It was fun while it lasted. What’s up with the NBA and all this flopping that’s going on?  Well, we should really be more specific about what we’re talking about; we’re talking about the flip-flopping that is going on off the court, not the kind of flopping that Steve Nash perfected when Robert Horry gave […]

Odds and Ends: I should’ve called him a chimpanzee instead!

what ball? Just a quick follow up to the story we had last week about the fan banned from NBA arenas for calling Dikembe Mutombo a monkey. Hamzehloui says that the entire incident was blown out of proportion because he chose the wrong word. I just used a poor choice of words. If I said […]

Now why would you call Mutombo a monkey?

The NBA season starts with two games tonight but Orlando Magic fans have already jumped out to an early lead in the “obnoxious/racist fan” standings. A Magic season-ticket holder named Hooman Hamzehloui has been banned from every NBA arena this season because he called Mutombo a monkey. By all accounts, Mutombo is a good guy […]

Orlando Magic execs got jacked by political consultant

The Orlando Magic today confirmed that they paid $200,000 to Doug Guetzloe, a radio host and leader of Ax the Tax, a grass roots group that opposes tolls and tax increases for “consulting”. And by consulting, they mean hush money so that Guetzloe’s activists didn’t speak out against a campaign for a new arena. If […]

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