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PETA is retarded

We’re not fans of Michael Vick around here but even we have to call bullshit on PETA’s request for Falcons owner Arthur Blank to suspend Vick pending the investigation of his involvement in a facility that trained pit bulls for dog fights.

Look, we’re not fully convinced that Vick didn’t know what was going on at a property that he claims he simply let a family member use, but we also agree with something called due process. The PETA folks wrote a letter urging Blank to suspend Vick immediately and release him if “animals on his property are found to have been neglected or used for fighting.” Sounds a bit harsh doesn’t it? Even if the animals were trained for fighting (which is utterly despicable), that isn’t a reason to release Vick. Unless he was aware of the activities taking place at that property, he really shouldn’t be held accountable. Sure it’s another black mark on his record but hardly one worthy of release.

By the way, how about Michael Vick using Suzy Kolber as his personal PR whore to tell the fans that he is going to change.

I’m taking it upon myself and giving everybody my word that things are going to get changed around. Things are going to get turned around. I have a game plan for it. … The company I keep, a lot of things (have) got to change, and I mean that from the heart.

Hey, maybe Vick will turn it all around and turn into the player he was hyped to be coming out of college. But we doubt it.

**We would like to apoligize to retarded folks everywhere for comparing them to PETA.


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College Football

How NOT to support Virginia Tech

Last Friday April 20 was Orange and Maroon Effect Day across the country. What normally is a day where VT students and alumni don their school colors to show support for their athletics teams became a nationwide event where students from other schools also sported the Hokies colors. Great idea right?

Well, yes, unless you decide to rob a bank while wearing orange and maroon.

Robert Kirk Newton walked into a First Citizens bank in Carolina Beach, North Carolina and handed the teller a note demanding all the money. The teller gave him $2500 and a red dye pack in a paper bag. The red dye pack exploded right away and the police caught Newton within minutes on the Fort Fisher-Sourthport Ferry.

We can’t tell from the photo but we hope the red dye didn’t stain his shirt — that would have totally ruined his tribute.

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Atlanta Falcons

Jim Mora Jr is not smart

Insert foot

On a Seattle radio show this morning, Jim Mora Jr. told the interviewer that he’d pack up his stuff from Atlanta and take the University of Washington job if it were available in a heartbeat.

I’d do it, I promise you that. Now, I want to see Ty succeed, and I want to see that program succeed. But if he decides at some point that he’s ready to move on and they want me, I will be there. I don’t care if we’re in the middle of a playoff run, I’m packing my stuff and coming back to Seattle… That’s the job I want. [Host: You’d leave the Falcons for that job?] Absolutely.

Junior immediately issued an apology as soon as the comments spread around the web and sports radio.

First and foremost, I’m sorry. Despite my off-the-cuff intentions, what I said was not appropriate for my players, the Falcons organization and our fans, and Tyrone Willingham. I got too relaxed with the radio talk show host who is a former college roommate, and I got carried away with the banter.

I want every fan in Atlanta to know that my heart and passion are right here with the Falcons and winning our game this weekend.

Hmmm… that’s smart. Piss off the fans of a town that is struggling as a sports town by “joking” that you’d take a college job over their Falcons at the drop of a hat. And on top of that, every player will have to answer the question of whether their coach would quit on them… right before an important matchup against the Cowboys that has huge playoff implications. That Cowboys -3 line is looking better and better.

Here’s an mp3 of the clip where Mora discusses wanting the Huskie job courtesy of KJR radio in Seattle.

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Orlando Magic

Odds and Ends: I should’ve called him a chimpanzee instead!

what ball?

Just a quick follow up to the story we had last week about the fan banned from NBA arenas for calling Dikembe Mutombo a monkey. Hamzehloui says that the entire incident was blown out of proportion because he chose the wrong word.

I just used a poor choice of words. If I said he looked like a chimpanzee or like a gorilla, none of this happens.

Cause uh… you know.. there’s no racial undertones to calling someone a gorilla or a chimpanzee.

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