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Macho Harris’ crib gets the Swiss cheese makeover

Virginia Tech’s Victor Harris, better known to pigskin junkies as “Macho”, was involved in a shooting early Sunday morning. Well, at least his apartment was.

Nobody was injured during the hail of gunfire and police who responded at 3:49 a.m. are still trying to put together the pieces of what exactly happened. But we do know that Harris lives alone in the apartment, although three other students were in his apartment at the time, and we do know that if we were Harris, our nickname would be changed from “Macho” to “Titty Baby” following this incident.

An initial investigation by officers recovered evidence that seven shots were fired from a 9-millimeter handgun, and a single shotgun blast hit the face of the apartment building, the release said.

An attempt was made Monday to interview Harris after Tech’s football practice, but the athletic department didn’t make him available for interviews. Tech coach Frank Beamer didn’t have much information on the incident.

“We’re still gathering information on that,” Beamer said. “They were just in there minding their own business the way I heard it. I don’t know a whole lot about it myself other than what (players) told me. They were there and then all of a sudden stuff started.

Uh, duh, coach. Of course they were just sitting in there minding their business when the 9-milimeter and shotgun calling cards came knocking. You need to be worried about what they we’re doing before the bullets hit the walls. And if this isn’t some sort of retaliatory action, then Hokies fans are about as backwards as they come. Virginia Tech is coming off a smashing of Florida State; seems like if there would be a drive-by going down, it would at least coincide with a losing streak. Even then we’d say it’s probably a tad overboard. Hell, Bobby Bowden only gets “For Sale” signs stuck in his yard after the Seminoles stink it up.


[]: Shots fired into apartment of Va. Tech’s “Macho” Harris

College Football

Who the heck would want Sean Glennon jersey? Ah, No. 7!

If you were watching the game last night between Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech then you probably noticed something a little strange. No, we’re not talking about how Georgia Tech was virtually handing the ball to Hokies players when on offense. No, we’re talking about the sweet improve skills that VT displayed after the jerseys of Kam Chancellor, Brandon Flowers, Sean Glennon and Tyrod Taylor went missing.

By the start of the second quarter, at least some of the missing jerseys had re-emerged because Chancellor and Flowers had switched back to their regular jerseys. Glennon and Taylor were still in Georgia Tech jerseys at the start of the third quarter.

The players’ names were written on the backs of the jerseys in black marker. Black tape was used to block out all indications of Georgia Tech on the jerseys. The Virginia Tech jerseys for each player allegedly turned up before the game, but each player still wore the Georgia Tech jerseys in the first half.

After Virginia Tech arrived Thursday afternoon at Bobby Dodd Stadium, members of the Hokies’ equipment staff discovered the four players’ jerseys were missing. There was no evidence of a break-in in Virginia Tech’s locker room.

Wait, wait; did you guys go lame on Halloween and dish out pennies or hard candy. This sounds like retaliation to us.


[]: Missing jerseys? Hokies improvise.
[]: Va. Tech Jerseys Mysteriously Disappear

Cleveland Indians

You stay classy, Toledo

Last week, during a game between the Indians Triple-A affiliate Buffalo and the hometown Toledo Mud Hens, Buffalo outfielder Shin-Soo Choo was roundly booed. For his performance? Nope, he was booed and heckled because his name kinda sorta looks like Seung-Hui Cho, the Va Tech student who went on a rampage on April 16.

Choo declined to repeat what the fans were yelling but did say:

Some fans said bad things. It’s pretty close to my name. My name is spelled Choo, and his name is Cho. It upset me when a couple of fans talked like that.

We haven’t really thought about Toledo since… well, never. So we decided to do a little research and came up with this rant by a guy who moved out of Toledo:

The people who reside in Toledo are the most intolerant, inconsiderate, ignorant human beings I’ve ever come aross. They are above and beyond anything I’ve ever experienced, and quite frankly, I don’t know how that’s possible. I have encountered a good deal of slack-jawed bumpkins in my day, but nothing compares to these simpletons. They are the crème de la crème of the idiotic.

Listen up, Toledoans, perhaps it’s not fair for us to paint an entire town of 300,000 based on one man’s account of his experience or because of a bunch of ignorant baseball fans… oh yeah, you xenophobic idiots (go ahead… we’ll wait while you look that up) just booed a man for having something resembling the last name of a mass murderer. Toledo Mud Hens fans, you get the big FU of the week.


[Cleveland Plain Dealer]: Choo hears boos for wrong reason

College Football

How NOT to support Virginia Tech

Last Friday April 20 was Orange and Maroon Effect Day across the country. What normally is a day where VT students and alumni don their school colors to show support for their athletics teams became a nationwide event where students from other schools also sported the Hokies colors. Great idea right?

Well, yes, unless you decide to rob a bank while wearing orange and maroon.

Robert Kirk Newton walked into a First Citizens bank in Carolina Beach, North Carolina and handed the teller a note demanding all the money. The teller gave him $2500 and a red dye pack in a paper bag. The red dye pack exploded right away and the police caught Newton within minutes on the Fort Fisher-Sourthport Ferry.

We can’t tell from the photo but we hope the red dye didn’t stain his shirt — that would have totally ruined his tribute.

[The Smoking Gun]: What A Maroon (And Orange)

Atlanta Falcons

Michael Vick is a cheap bastard

It’s all over the newsfeeds today: Michael Vick is donating $10k to families of the victims of his alumni, Virginia Tech. If Vick thought this was good publicity, he is wrong. Remember, this is a guy who signed a $130M contract and is the highest paid player in NFL history. And he can only muster up 10k? With wonderful gestures such as the Nationals donning VT caps and Curtis Granderson’s tribute to “his biggest fan”, a VT student killed on Monday, Vick’s piddly donation seems shallow and lacking.

Of course, in moments like this, I always wonder if *I* am the dick, so I got Flash Warner‘s take on this as well:

Sportscolumn: Did you see Michael Vick is donating $10k to assist families of the VT tragedy?
Is it wrong that I think that’s cheap as hell?

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