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Unless you make millions, lose the friggin’ jersey already!

We have a strict and simple belief that we live our lives by every single day and that is grown men should NEVER wear the jerseys of professional athletes. Just the idea of seeing some 42-year-old from Denver sporting a John Elway throwback makes us wanna puke. But, it happens everyday in this great country […]

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Hockey shows off its softer side

If it’s taking you a while to adjust to the idea that MLBers on occasion use pink bats, then you might want to watch your college hockey on a black and white television set this weekend. But don’t be alarmed if you come across your favorite team looking oh so pretty in pink because it’s […]

Who the heck would want Sean Glennon jersey? Ah, No. 7!

If you were watching the game last night between Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech then you probably noticed something a little strange. No, we’re not talking about how Georgia Tech was virtually handing the ball to Hokies players when on offense. No, we’re talking about the sweet improve skills that VT displayed after the jerseys […]

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