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Michael Vick is a cheap bastard

It’s all over the newsfeeds today: Michael Vick is donating $10k to families of the victims of his alumni, Virginia Tech. If Vick thought this was good publicity, he is wrong. Remember, this is a guy who signed a $130M contract and is the highest paid player in NFL history. And he can only muster up 10k? With wonderful gestures such as the Nationals donning VT caps and Curtis Granderson’s tribute to “his biggest fan”, a VT student killed on Monday, Vick’s piddly donation seems shallow and lacking.

Of course, in moments like this, I always wonder if *I* am the dick, so I got Flash Warner‘s take on this as well:

Sportscolumn: Did you see Michael Vick is donating $10k to assist families of the VT tragedy?
Is it wrong that I think that’s cheap as hell?

The rest of this conversation after the jump.

Flash Warner: It’s completely dick, especially when he probably spends more than that a year on his Valtrex prescription.
Michael Vick is a complete waste. He was fined just as much for flipping off Falcons fans last year. Maybe this is his designated charity for the funds..

SC: Exactly. What’s 10k? After his accountant gets through with it, he’s out 5k. I realize that his name adds something to this cause… but what? It’s not like this is some niche charity that needs his celebrity.

FW: This was a completely insensitive move. I assure you, the 24s that one of his 8 Escalades is sitting on cost double.
My guess is that the donation will go up after the mockery and outrage starts to increase

SC: Right. If you’re going to make a donation, make it one that is more than the jewelry you allegedly lost in your non-marijuana holding water bottle.

“When tragic things like this happen, families have enough to deal with, and if I can help in some small way, that’s the least I can do,” said Vick

FW: Some small way is right maybe they can have pizza at the memorial now

SC: How about you put down the bong and fly up to Blacksburg to talk to the kids. You’re a loser, a terrible QB, and a dick but you’re still a legend up there.

FW: How long do you think it’ll take him to come to that conclusion though? Even with the water bottle thing, it took him 3 months to realize that we needed an explanation beyond “that’s mine. they can’t take it”
He is completely consumed with himself. The only way Virginia Tech is getting more money from him is if they promise to put his name on the stadium. It’s pathetic.

SC: Michael Vick just called and said, “Did i donate 10k? If I’m donating, don’t criticize me. That’ all I’m saying.”
By the way, overlooked in our hatred for Michael Vick is the fact that he did donate *something*. Too bad he’s such a douchebag and can’t count. He probably thinks it’s a lot of money.

FW: I think it’s great that he at least made an effort but he’s probably the richest and most well-known former student they have
he can’t find it in his budget to give a little more?
If there was a massacre at Syracuse, I can’t imagine Donovan McNabb sending a $10K check and calling it a day

SC: I wish Randy Moss would come out and donate $20k cash and say “what’s 20k to me? ain’t shit. Michael Vick can s%$ my dick”

FW: That will only work if he throws out a “straight cash homey” in there as well

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I agree that the 10k is — cheap— at least it’s 10 grand more than hundreds/thousands of others could match and then the 10 becomes several millions.

Just sayin, yeah he could do a lot more and should but there are many others still at 0.

i think the difference here — (by the way, given his income last year, it’s the equivalent of someone making $100k a year — not a small amount — giving $48. And considering it’s not dollars to dollars, prob more analagous to giving a $5 spot.)

Anyway, you’re right: nobody HAS to give. And we wouldn’t chastise someone for giving $50 to VT or Katrina or whatever. But we also wouldn’t have our publicist make sure it was reported. It’s kinda embarrassing. Hence the douchiness.

vick is fair — Vick is a fair guy, atleast he donating money to charity, like wtf how would he be a cheap bastard, hes donating all that money to VT from the goodness of his heart. I think u should all jump his nuts and cut the guy some slackk!!!!!!!

Michael Vick Donation — I can understand why at first glance some may think that he is cheap.  But when someone anyone starts a special fund with a charity organization by donating 10K which which encouraged others to give and to date the families of the VA Tech tragedy can look forward to over 170K.  So I would be hard pressed to look at the initial action instead of the ultimate end result.

Think before you speak, or should I say type.

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