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Proof that Jean Girard isn’t the only dillhole in auto racing

“Listen, kid, I said `No autographs!!’”

It’s true, everybody in MLB is doping

The use of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs has virtually marred the game of Major League Baseball unrecognizable. Nobody can jack a dinger or throw a 100-mph heater anymore without some level of scrutiny and doubt being cast upon their true abilities. And rightfully so. But one place we never ever thought would be […]

Kid goes for a ride after trying to imitate Kobe’s car jump

Lots of kids look up to Kobe Bryant. They want to talk like him, dribble like him, dunk like him and attempt to force trades like him. But what most kids don’t have that Bryant does is some serious hops and a crew of special effects guys. – Watch more free videos

12-year-old kid gets denied dream job as W.V. football coach

When Rich Rodriguez bolted from West Virginia in order to get his grubby little paws on his dream job at Michigan there was an obvious void left to be filled by the Mountaineers. It didn’t take long before coaches from around the country started sending in applications in an attempt to get their grubby little […]

12-year-old boy has one helluva whale shark of a tale

When man and wild animals cross paths, the results can often be tragic for the humans. However, sometimes the odds are simply stacked against the beasts and that’s when amazing things can happen for man, or should we say boy. On New Year’s Day, 12-year-old Aidan Murray Medley was fishing off the coast of Florida […]

Fenway Park relocates to Portland, but for a good reason

Just when we start believing that the world is full of nothing but greedy cut-throats, we get pleasantly surprised to come across a story about a kid, his dreams and the people who bring `em to life. An 8-year-old boy from Portland just got his field of dreams. The Make A Wish Foundation of Maine […]

Pow! Right in the kisser! Pow! Right in the kisser! Pow! Right in the kisser!…

We told you about the unbelievable dangers subtly hidden within the childhood game of tug-of-war. Despite the fact that it’s played in school gymnasiums across this great nation of ours, nobody would ever expect their hands to get sliced off from participating. Well, dodgeball is another seemingly ordinary game in which people assume that the […]

If you thought that Bobby Knight was a sore loser…

There were a ton of upsets in the world of college football this weekend, but we’re guessing by this clip that nobody had a worse Saturday (or Friday in the case of Mountaineers fans) than the Florida die-hard. Wait, let me rephrase that: nobody had a worse Saturday than this Florida die-hard. One word of […]

Apparently, Bobby Knight is coaching peewee football

We know that people are in an uproar over the way Michael Vick treated murdered dogs, but about when some coach gets his kicks out of humiliating little kids. Sure, it’s not the same as electrocuting `em or having them rip off each other noses for his own personal amusement, but this guy should still […]

Another little kid gets labeled as the next big thing

Not too long ago, we brought you the story of Cody Paul who had been dubbed by The Commission as a “white Reggie Bush” at the tender age of 8 (though there is speculation that he could be much older). Well, Manchester United was sent a DVD of 9-year-old Rhain Davis by the boy’s grandfather […]

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