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Lewis Hamilton refuses to watch Jaws

You might think that being an international superstar, a multi-millionaire and a cultural icon at the age of 23 would make someone feel invincible, but Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton still has fears just like the rest of us. Hamilton might not worry about debt or job security, but that doesn’t mean he’s fearless.

The McLaren racer admitted: “I definitely don’t like Great Whites.

“I guess it’s not really knowing what’s below you. I like scuba diving but being underwater is different to floating on the top.

“You see all those Discovery channel shows where the bloody shark jumps up and eats whatever’s floating on top. I just don’t fancy that.

Talk about a down-to-earth guy! He really can relate to the common folk; after all, do you want to be eaten by a shark?


[The Sun]: Lewis Hamilton reveals his one big fear

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12-year-old boy has one helluva whale shark of a tale

When man and wild animals cross paths, the results can often be tragic for the humans. However, sometimes the odds are simply stacked against the beasts and that’s when amazing things can happen for man, or should we say boy.

On New Year’s Day, 12-year-old Aidan Murray Medley was fishing off the coast of Florida with his family when he snagged a 551-pound bull shark. After a 45-minute battle with the nine-foot-long behemoth, Medley finally reeled in the monster that weighed a full 431 pounds more than he did.

When you have a shark on the line, it’s completely painful,” said Aidan, who said he lost feeling in his body after about 20 minutes of having the shark on his line.

The shark’s size set a new state record for the largest fish ever caught in Florida with the old record being set by a 517-pound shark that was hauled in back in 1981.

So what’s a 12-year-old to do with a shark that weighs 300 pounds more than him? Medley says he plans on having the shark stuffed and mounted on the wall of his boarding school in Greenwich.


[]: Conn. Boy, 12, Catches 551-Pound Bull Shark
[]: Boy’s shark tale weighs 551 pounds

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Move over Jabberjaw, we’ve found another monster of the deep

Captain Robert Hill had the voyage of his life on Saturday when a crew of six buddies on his boat wrestled and eventually defeated an enormous 844-pound mako shark. The shark was a record at 11 feet long and it weighed an astonishing 638 pounds after being gutted, a full 338 pounds more than the old record.

Adlee Bruner was one of the friends on the boat when the shark was hooked about 70 miles southwest of the Florida Panhandle in the Gulf of Mexico. It took over an hour for the fellas to get the beast to give up and then it was so big that they couldn’t even pull it aboard. So, they tied the mako to the stern of the boat for the four-hour trip back.

It was tense,” Bruner, 47, said about the fight to land the shark, which has a mouthful of huge, fearsome teeth. “I’ve fished for 40 years. I’ve never see one that big.

It was like ‘Jaws,'” Hill said.

Wait, Jaws? Aww, man, we thought this was exciting and death defying and breathtaking. But how could that be? Jaws was more boring than watching an episode of Cavemen.


[]: Fishermen Land Record 844-Pound Shark In Florida