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12-year-old kid gets denied dream job as W.V. football coach

When Rich Rodriguez bolted from West Virginia in order to get his grubby little paws on his dream job at Michigan there was an obvious void left to be filled by the Mountaineers. It didn’t take long before coaches from around the country started sending in applications in an attempt to get their grubby little […]

Isn’t sexy NFL coach an oxymoron?

There is no doubt about who the sexiest man in the NFL is. It’s Tom Brady with his twinkling eyes, tanned skin, flowing locks and rugged good looks. Uh, at least that’s what the ladies tell us. But have you ever wondered who the sexiest coach in the NFL is? Bill Belichick? Nope. Wade Phillips? […]

Soccer coach moons a bunch of little girls

Happy Halloween kids! We’re not speaking from experience here, but we’re figuring that turning your daughter over to a male coach is probably about as nerve racking as letting her go out on her first date. After all, there are a lot of sick dudes out there in the guise of a coach. So, how […]

Apparently, Bobby Knight is coaching peewee football

We know that people are in an uproar over the way Michael Vick treated murdered dogs, but about when some coach gets his kicks out of humiliating little kids. Sure, it’s not the same as electrocuting `em or having them rip off each other noses for his own personal amusement, but this guy should still […]

Who’s your daddy? Why, it’s Tom Brady!

Life can’t get much better fro Tom Brady right now. He was just named the world’s best dresser, the Pats have finally assembled a quality receiving core around him, and he’s got a handful of Super Bowl rings. Oh, yea, he’s also dating the smokin’ hot supermodel Gisele Bundchen. In addition, drooling babes from all […]

Indian running "coach" arrested for child abuse

There are some sick freaks in this world, but one of the sickest resides in India. Luckily Biranchi Das was arrested and charged with child abuse after he reportedly tortured a 6-year-old boy who he coached as a long distance runner. The boy, Budhia Singh, lived with Das and was at the center of numerous […]

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