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101-year-old plans on running in marathon despite having one foot in the grave

Some might say the story of 101-year-old Buster Martin is an inspiration. We say it makes us wanna puke. It’s not because he’s super old, it’s because he’s super old and he could smoke us in a race. However, we will not be competing against him in the London Marathon in mid-April. We choose not […]

Indian running "coach" arrested for child abuse

There are some sick freaks in this world, but one of the sickest resides in India. Luckily Biranchi Das was arrested and charged with child abuse after he reportedly tortured a 6-year-old boy who he coached as a long distance runner. The boy, Budhia Singh, lived with Das and was at the center of numerous […]

Another pointless world record is safe until further notice

Well, we know that all you faithful readers were mesmerized by Thursday’s compelling story of Dean Karnazes‘ world record attempt of running over 153.76 miles in 24 hours on a treadmill located in Times Square. It is a gripping tale, we must admit. Unfortunately, it is a story with an unhappy ending. Karnazes came up […]

Another pointless world record is about to be broken

From that day on, if I was ever going somewhere, I was running! You probably think you’re a real speed demon when you take off to the local high school track and rip off a few laps around the ol’ quarter mile loop. Or you might even be a more serious runner who racks up […]

The sweetest mop fighting action since Coming to America

This sounds like some ridiculous scene out of a movie: Provo Police Capt. Cliff Argyle said distance runner Kyle Perry, 23, was traveling east on Center Street when he reportedly struck a pedestrian in a crosswalk with his car. Argyle said after hitting the pedestrian, who was pushing a mop bucket, Perry is accused of […]

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China’s nomination for "Father of the Year"

If you think that parents of young, talented gymnasts or baseball players can be too hard on their kids; just wait until you get a load of Zhang Jianmin. Jianmin is living the tough life in China and so, instead of busting hump to provide for his family, he makes his daughter, Zhang Huimin, run […]

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