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Rock a bye-bye baby!

What the hell is going on American ball parks these days. First, they drop the legal drinking age to six months and now dads are catching home run balls with one hand while cradling junior in the other! What’s next? Are women are going to start delivering babies in the right field bleachers just to immediately have them signed by the Yankees?!?

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MLB General

When mom said "Give him a bottle during the game," we don’t think this is what she meant

Let’s face it, baseball is a sport conducive to fan drunkenness. In reality, all sports promote drinking while watching, but perhaps nobody does it better than baseball. With all the downtime between pitches and innings and the sheer length of the games, alcohol certainly makes the time pass a little swifter. So, it should be no surprise that parents are teaching their kids the proper ballpark etiquette at younger and younger ages.

New England Patriots

Who’s your daddy? Why, it’s Tom Brady!

Life can’t get much better fro Tom Brady right now. He was just named the world’s best dresser, the Pats have finally assembled a quality receiving core around him, and he’s got a handful of Super Bowl rings. Oh, yea, he’s also dating the smokin’ hot supermodel Gisele Bundchen. In addition, drooling babes from all seven continents now have a new moniker for the hunky signal caller…D.I.L.F.

Brady’s ex, Bridget Moynahan, gave birth to little boy yesterday and Moynahan’s publicist says that both are doing just fine. Brady left the Patriots preseason workouts in order to see the birth of his first child, but it is unknown if he arrived in time. Even if Brady didn’t make it in time to see the sloppy delivery, he still has an entire lifetime ahead of him to bond with his little man. Who knows, in 17 years Brady could end up being his son’s high school quarterbacks coach. Sound crazy? Not if you’re John Elway.

Elway is leaving the comfortable confines of retirement for a job at his son’s Cherry Creek High School. Jack Elway is the senior QB for the squad so it probably doesn’t hurt any to have possibly the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL dishing out advice. Of course, Jack has been hearing his old man repeat the same old stories a thousand times now, so it’s really nothing new.

It’s good,” Jack Elway told The Denver Post. “It’s nice to have him out there, but I’ve actually always had him as a coach at home.

But with all the crazy “little league dads” out there, the head coach of the team has to be worried that there will be eventual problems that could result.

As a coach, you’re trying to not have fathers on your staff,” he said, “but this is a little different deal.

Don’t worry Tom, if you keep racking up the yards, TDs and rings then your kid’s coach will make the exact same exception.


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