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Fenway Park relocates to Portland, but for a good reason

Just when we start believing that the world is full of nothing but greedy cut-throats, we get pleasantly surprised to come across a story about a kid, his dreams and the people who bring `em to life.

An 8-year-old boy from Portland just got his field of dreams. The Make A Wish Foundation of Maine and the Portland Sea Dogs made Ben Hanna his very own version of Fenway Park in his backyard on Thursday.

Ben suffers from a rare blood disease called Histiocytosis. It causes his white blood cells to attack his lungs. Ben was diagnosed in June, but has been doing much better recently, thanks to chemotherapy.

He loves the Red Sox, especially Coco Crisp, and his wish was to have Fenway at home. The Portland Sea Dogs front office staff and grounds crew spent the day creating the ballpark while Ben was at school. The pitcher’s mound and home plate used to set at Hadlock Field, as did the scoreboard on Ben’s mini-green monster in left field.

Ben was just about speechless when he came home, saying the ballpark was “amazing.”

The Make A Wish Foundation really is one of the greatest organizations on the planet, hands down. But we have to give our gold star of the day to Ben’s neighbor.

Then he got another surprise. A neighbor got him and his father 2 tickets to Thursday’s World Series game at Fenway. After playing ball at home for about an hour, Ben and his dad got in a limo to go to Fenway Park.

Anybody who now trades their tickets for Mexican food or Playboy magazines should be completely ashamed of themselves.


[]: Sick boy gets his field of dreams

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