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Pau Gasol and Rafael Nadal just love their timepieces

In addition to the much publicized Wipeout, ABC is ready to premier another of their newest reality show creations in just a couple of weeks. The show is titled I Survived a Japanese Game Show and it should provide a hearty helping of laughs as Americans try to compete in whacky Japanese-esque stunts and contests. […]

There can only be one: Magic and Bird style

Game 1 of the NBA Finals was spectacular on Thursday night with the Celtics topping the Lakers by 10 points, 98-88, in Beantown. From Paul Pierce’s four-point play to his injury and heroic comeback to Kobe Bryant’s alley-oop flush late in the third to Kevin Garnett’s monster two-handed dunk off a rebound that basically sealed […]

Kimbo Slice shouldn’t give up his day job

If you thought CSI: Miami was corny before, just wait until you see the new episodes starring Kimbo Slice.

Pretending to be drunk in order to get drunk, brilliant!

Listen up all you guys with wives and girlfriends. With new episodes of American Idol and The Real World running tonight, you’re going to have to be pretty clever to pry the remote control out of your ol’ lady’s hands. Let’s face it, you know you want to watch the pair of Game 5’s in […]

Kid goes for a ride after trying to imitate Kobe’s car jump

Lots of kids look up to Kobe Bryant. They want to talk like him, dribble like him, dunk like him and attempt to force trades like him. But what most kids don’t have that Bryant does is some serious hops and a crew of special effects guys. – Watch more free videos

Outtakes from Kobe Bryant’s car-jumping commercial

A lot of people have given Kobe Bryant crap about being a selfish jerk, but he’s taken numerous steps to improve his image both on and off the court and nowadays you might as well scratch selfish right off your “Reasons Why I Hate Kobe Bryant” list. Bryant has been the ultimate teammate this year, […]

Kobe Bryant’s leap of faith

Everyone knows Kobe Bryant is more than a superstar, he’s a superhero when dons the Lakers purple and gold uniform. And just like the original Man of Steel, Bryant can leap tall buildings in a single bound. Okay, so maybe he can’t, but apparently he can leap moving Aston Martins in a single bound. But […]

Fore!! Forget the wife and kids, hide the six-pack!

A golf ball, a golf club and a hacker are a very dangerous combination. Throw a couple brewskis into the mix and we’re talking downright scary. Thank goodness for cans and innovative Heineken commercials.

"Chunk of Love" – You can say that again!

Shaq is totally confusing us. One minute he’s on the bench with the Heat, the next he’s heading to Phoenix for a physical. And sandwiched in-between the two, Shaq strangely spent some time as a horse jockey. (Poor horse.) Apparently, he didn’t stick with that career endeavor because there was some serious jealousy and hostility […]

So, have you seen the new Super Bowl ad? I SAID, HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW SUPER BOWL AD?!

You know it’s almost Super Bowl Sunday when the chitter and the chatter progresses from on-field issues to off-field satellite stories. For example, when instead of hearing about defensive philosophies, you start hearing about the cost of 30-second commercial spots then you know the big game is about a week away. And once you move […]

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