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Chris Bosh is just like the rest of us, he hates Stephen A. Smith

Not a whole lot gets under the skin of Toronto’s twinkling star Chris Bosh. He’s usually a fun-loving, joke-cracking kind of guy who doesn’t seem to have a problem chuckling at himself or his good friend Bubba, but even the nearly seven-footer has his breaking points; like being compared to Manute Bol. Chris Bosh has […]

Around the Rim: Fire away Jose!

1. Runnin’ down a dream Toronto still has a long way to go before taking control of the Atlantic Division, but they took a giant leap forward on Wednesday night. Jose Calderon led the Raptors past the Celtics with 13 assists and 24 points, including an old fashioned three-point play that ended the night’s scoring […]

Around the Rim: Bosh extinguishes the Blaze

1. He’s got our vote Chris Bosh is determined to make it to New Orleans for this year’s All-Star Game. On Friday against the Knicks, Bosh scored 40 points inside Madison Square Garden to go with 11 rebounds and a road win for his Raps. On Sunday afternoon, Bosh was equally impressive, scoring 38 points […]

Give America what it needs, vote for Chris W. Bosh in ’08

You know Chris Bosh as rebound-grabbing, slam dunk-delivering, shot-blocking machine. Needless to say, some of you have already bubbled in his name on the 2008 ballot as an Eastern Conference All-Star. Well, Mr. Bosh appreciates all your recent support. And for all the undecideds, Chris W. is here to assure you that if you vote […]

Around the Rim: Hopefully TJ is built Ford tough

1. Career in question The Raptors won in Atlanta last night, but nobody really cared. T.J. Ford, in an all too eerily reminiscent manner, was taken off the court on a stretcher after being flagrantly fouled by the Hawks Al Horford with 1:32 left. As Ford drove to the basket for a layup, Horford took […]

Top 10 Most Gruesome sports injuries: #8 Jorge Garbajosa

[Sportscolumn is running down the ten most gruesome sports injuries. Here’s #8] After trying to block a shot by Al Jefferson, Jorge Garbajosa landed awkwardly and his fibula snapped and spun his ankle out of place. It might not look that bad when you first see it, but Garbajosa’s shrieks of pain could be heard […]

Hey Dwyane, now this is a reason to cry

Hoops usually isn’t a game that people would consider to be brutal, but this year has been quite different. So far our stomachs have been turned by nasty injuries to Shaun Livingston and Idong Ibok. Well, now you can Jorge Garbajosa to that list. Garbajosa went up to block a shot by the Celtics’ Al […]

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