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Around the Rim: New Orleans slips up at home

1. Jazz grab division title Utah scored a pathetic nine points in the fourth quarter against New Orleans, but they literally could have gone scoreless and still left the bayou with a win. The Jazz shocked the Hornets at home by pounding them through three quarters to escape with a 77-66 win. The final score […]

Where Isiah happens

This year, the NBA is where a whole lot of stuff happens. It’s where 22-game winning streaks happen and where 52-point blowouts happen. It’s where Miami collapses happen and also where referee scandals happen. But perhaps most infamously, it’s where Isiah Thomas happens.

Sing along as Isiah Thomas is loathed in song

Humongous props to Ryan Parker Songs for putting together this awesome ditty about Isiah Thomas’ ineptitude. If you ask us, this song has everything necessary to become the next big sensation to sweep the nation, taking over radio stations from coast to coast. Now, we’re no music critics, but we have to admit we have […]

Around the Rim: Suns-Spurs showdown

1. Suns shine The Suns received a measure of revenge against their nemesis on Monday by handing the Spurs their first home loss of the season, 100-95. While the win doesn’t erase the painful memories of being eliminated by San Antonio in last year’s playoffs, it was a huge confidence booster for a slumping Suns […]

Around the Rim: Hopefully TJ is built Ford tough

1. Career in question The Raptors won in Atlanta last night, but nobody really cared. T.J. Ford, in an all too eerily reminiscent manner, was taken off the court on a stretcher after being flagrantly fouled by the Hawks Al Horford with 1:32 left. As Ford drove to the basket for a layup, Horford took […]

Around the Rim: Somebody must pay with their head!

One of these people just doesn’tbelong here. 1. 45-point blowout!? Does the NBA need to start investigating players for being involved with fixing games? Sounds stupid, but how else do you explain a 45-point victory? Well, coach? Explain your team’s performance. I don’t know where this game came from. I thought we played extremely selfish […]

Around the Rim: Carlos Boozer continues to improve his Mailman impersonation

1. Big night from the new big two John Stockton and Karl Malone will always be the most dominant duo in Utah Jazz history, but the gap is closing. Deron Williams scored 21 points and dished out 14 assists while Carlos Boozer grabbed 11 rebounds and connected on 17-of-20 shots for 26 points to lead […]

New York Knicks: 4 more years of mediocrity!

Isiah did wonders for the CBA Apparently Knicks owner James Dolan (the worst owner in sports) thinks that a possible 8th seed playoff berth and 5 games below .500 is evidence of Zeke “turning the team around” because he just gave Thomas a multi-year contract extension. That isn’t what you should rely on in terms […]

Odds and Ends: The hottest male athletes

SI, which never saw a slideshow they didn’t like (have you seen their top 20 athletes with herpes series?) released their hottest athletes list and it’s full of dudes… then we realized there’s also a female version. Any way, to balance out all the Women We Love stuff on here, we thought we’d just stick […]

NBA comes down hard on Melo for MSG brawl

It didn’t take long for David Stern to hand out his fines and suspensions for the brawl that took place on Sat night between the Nuggets and the Knicks. In case you missed it, 10 players were tossed from the game after a hard foul from the Nugget’s Mardy Collins on JR Smith sparked a […]

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