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Sing along as Isiah Thomas is loathed in song

Humongous props to Ryan Parker Songs for putting together this awesome ditty about Isiah Thomas’ ineptitude. If you ask us, this song has everything necessary to become the next big sensation to sweep the nation, taking over radio stations from coast to coast. Now, we’re no music critics, but we have to admit we have […]

Are we the last ones to find out that Jackie Chan has a sweet set of pipes?

We knew that the dude could kick some butt, but we didn’t know he could do it harmonically. Turns out that the action hero/crazy stunt guy has a bit of a side career in music and now he’s going to be the voice of the 2008 Olympics. The 53-year-old actor, best known for his daredevil […]

Another stupid song takes a city by storm

Every time the playoffs come rolling around in any sport, it can only mean one thing: it’s time for some opportunistic musician to exploit the occasion by making a crummy song about some team that attempts to unify a city’s dreams. In Ottawa that opportunistic musician is local rapper Belly and that crummy song is […]

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