Kevin Faulk gets popped with pot

Dealing with the end of a possible perfect season is tough. Dealing with a Super Bowl loss is even tougher. Dealing with Bill Belichick is basically torture. So, we can’t really blame the Patriots players for trying to find a way to escape all the joy turned heartache from their past season. Some guys have super-hot, supermodel girlfriends to turn to for a little relief. The less fortunate turn to narcotics and horrible music as an outlet. Our advice is go find yourself a supermodel girlfriend.

According to authorities in Lafayette, Louisiana, New England Patriots running back Kevin Faulk has been issued a misdemeanor summons for possession of marijuana.

Captain John Babin of the Lafayette Metro Narcotics Task Force confirmed the summons.

Babin says Faulk was on his way to a suite in the Lafayette Cajundome to watch a performance by rapper Lil’ Wayne, when a routine search by a sheriff’s deputy turned up four marijuana cigarettes.

We’re assuming Faulk didn’t go through with the concert; after all, how the hell are you supposed to listen to some guy named Lil’ Wayne without being totally blazed?


[]: Patriots running back Kevin Faulk allegedly found with pot

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