Pacman Jones tells us what’s wrong with the NFL drug policy

Pacman Jones is scheduled to appear in court this month for an obstruction of justice charge stemming from a fight with a police officer during a traffic stop. Pacman Jones in trouble again… yawn. (As the report mentioned, Jones has been in at least 10 off-the-field incidents involving police since being drafted.) Wake us up when he has to appear in court for the triple shooting at the Las Vegas strip club.

The Tennessean also mentions a marijuana bust last month that has since been dismissed. According to Mike Pruitt of the Fayette County Drug Task Force:

Jones showed up in a sports car as officers arrived at the home, and Pruitt smelled marijuana in the car.

“I asked him why his (Corvette) smelled so bad, and he said, ‘We were smoking it on the way down here from Nashville’.

“I asked him, ‘Why do you want to throw your career away for a bunch of marijuana junk?’ He said, ‘I know when I am going to get drug-tested, so I quit doing it.’ It’s just crazy.”

So basically, in the NFL, you can smoke weed and take HGH as much as you want because you know when the drug tests are coming and you can just take a ton of goldenseal and HGH can’t be detected in urine. Oh well, as long as we get our weekly ‘Jacked Up!’ segment, no one is complaining. Remember kids, they just play ball, they’re not role models.

[Tennessean]: Pacman faces felony charge in Georgia

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