Tommy Lasorda couldn’t have paid for hookers… he’s too cheap!

Rumor: Lasorda likes his hookers to
dress up in panda suits

This story has been all over the blogosphere for a couple of days now and we’ve avoided it because the thought of Tommy Lasorda getting oral is pretty damn disgusting but there was a quote in the NY Post’s Page Six today that made us jump in.

Lasorda’s lawyer, Tony Cappazola, was also indignant. “He’s very upset. It’s a slimy book so full of inaccuracies. For instance, she says she called Tommy back on his cellphone and he didn’t even have a cellphone . . . She’s an over-the-hill, desperate hooker attempting to make a buck,” said the lawyer, who scoffed at Gibson’s claim that Lasorda paid $1,500 in cash. “You know Lasorda. He wouldn’t buy lunch,” Cappazola said.

This is what we call the Homer Simpson defense. I wasn’t drinking and driving… I was out buying porn! A lot of bloggers have wondered why Tommy Lasorda needs to pay for sex (he did lose 30 lbs in 3 months, you know). As Charlie Sheen said, he doesn’t pay them for sex, he pays them to go away.


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