Tennessee Titans

Snoop Dogg and LenDale White do a video together and pose as the No. 10

The Tennessee Titans got rid of one giant sized headache a few weeks ago when they decided to trade Pacman Jones to the Dallas Cowboys. But they are still holding on tight to their bowling ball of a running back in LenDale White. The USC product has been a disappointment thus far, despite posting 1,000 yards last season and while Jeff Fisher and Vince Young would probably love to see the `round mound of touchdown’ hit the gym during the offseason, White would rather pimp it up with Snoop than pump it up with the Titans.

When rapper Snoop Dogg asked Titans running back LenDale White to be in one of his music videos earlier this offseason, White obliged.

White traveled to Las Vegas for the shooting of “Life of Da’ Party,” mainly because of his friendship with the musician.

“That’s my guy,” White said of Snoop Dogg.

But White wasn’t pushing for a starring role. He makes a cameo in the music video, and that was partly by design.

White said he was careful not to set himself up for second-guessing from others down the road.

“I didn’t want nothing too big,” White said.”Because had I been in that video a long time … let’s say something happened this year and I had only 20 yards rushing. Then everybody around here would be on my back, saying, ‘If he wasn’t in the Snoop Dogg video maybe he would’ve been (better).’

Actually, most Titans fans would probably be thinking that if you tossed in a salad every now then than maybe you’d be better. After all, Snoop Dogg does have the ability to give people the super-munchies by his mere presence alone.


[]: White has small role in Snoop Dogg video

Indianapolis Colts

Boom! Now that’s a tackle!

The Titans won a must-win situation on Sunday night, defeating Indianapolis to secure a playoff spot. But even post season berths took a backseat in this game after Chris Henry was on the wrong end of the collision of the game – nay, the collision of the year.

Sweet mother of pearl! Did anyone get the license plate of that mini van that just ran over Henry?

Washington Redskins

Lorenzo Alexander’s bloody accident earns him a sweet new moniker

In case you weren’t watching the preseason game between the Titans and Redskins on Saturday (and if you weren’t: how dare you!) there was a wild play towards the end of the game in which Washington defensive tackle Lorenzo Alexander sacked Titans QB Tim Rattay. What makes the play so crazy is that Alexander lost his helmet during his pursuit and as he tackled Rattay, he took a nasty shot from safety Reed Doughty that left him feeling lightheaded with slashes to his lip and cheek that unbelievably required just six stitches to close up.

The first thing I checked for was my teeth,” Alexander said after a Tuesday morning walk-through. “All of them were there, so I was real happy about that. My mom was real happy that I had all my teeth, too.

But the beat down wasn’t for nothing because Alexander ended up receiving a really cool nickname as a result of his wounds: Scarface. If you missed the helmetless tackle then here’s a clip with what very well could be a future Monday Night Football announcer calling the action.

His head is not healthy right now. Why did he do that? He’s probably bleeding. He probably smacked his head open.

Watch your back Jaws, this lady is coming for your job!


[]: `Scarface’ Alexander makes his mark as a hit man

Tennessee Titans

Pacman Jones continues to surprise us with his career choices

Pacman Jones has been a helluva lot more productive off the field than on it since he made the jump from college to the pros and we’re not just talking about his criminal activities either. Since being suspended from the NFL for his cornucopia of arrests, not only has Jones semi started a professional wrasslin’ career, but now he’s getting ready to kick off an attempt at becoming the next Jay-Z.

Pacman owns a record label named National Street League Records and he announced on Wednesday that he’ll be joining a producer named Spoaty to form the dynamic rap duo known as Posterboyz! And if you thought that there was a frenzy when the latest Madden game hit the shelves, just wait until you see the lines that form outside your local Best Buy on August 27 when their first single entitled “Let It Shine” drops. And like most rap joints, this one is supposed to about “big money, cars and jewelry.” What, no lyrics inspired by politics, the stock market and fine china? Damn, Pacman, we thought you were a lot deeper than those typical hip hoppers.

Oh, but, just because Pacman isn’t wearing a pair of matching metal bracelets doesn’t mean that he’s not still getting into trouble.

Officials are looking into whether or not the record label’s name, National Street League Records, infringes on the league’s trademark, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said.

Jones just can’t get a break. People don’t want him playing football, they don’t want him to wrestle and now there’s trouble brewing about him making music. But we’ve got a feeling that the NFL could save themselves a lot of trouble by just letting this whole infringement thing slide. After all, if Pacman is anything like his NBA clone Ron Artest behind the mic then it won’t be long until he destroys his own musical aspirations and all the trademarks that go along with ’em.


[]: `Pacman’ to give it a go in music

All Other Sports

Pacman Jones is headed to TNA

Its official! Adam “Pacman” Jones has signed the dotted line with professional wrestling promotion TNA and will be making his premier appearance this Thursday at 9 p.m. ET.  So, despite the controversy surrounding Pacman, as if that’s something new for the cornerback, it sounds like he’s really excited about the new opportunity that’s growing out of his rotting NFL career.  But, we’re not sure if Pacman knows exactly what he’s getting into because it seems like he’s a bit confused on how the squared six-sided circle works.

I am a big fan of wrestling, so I wanted to give it a try,” Jones said. “I respect wrestling and I’m not coming in like it’s just a show. I want to prove that I am the greatest team-sport athlete.

We know that they put on tag team bouts in TNA, but we can’t see it really improving your stock as “the greatest team-sport athlete” by participating.  After all, lots of pro players have walked through the doors of TNA and, unfortunately, none of them are of GOAT status.  And anyways, we know that the only thing he’ll be working out is his vocal chords.

Over the next couple of months, I think the world is going to see a different side of Pacman, one it hasn’t seen before,” Jeff Jarrett (Pacman’s trainer) said. “You will really see his personality come out, not just his athletic ability.

Hey, Jeff, just a word of advice: work more on the athletic ability because his personality is what got him in trouble in the first place and is the exact reason why people hate him!  


[]: Adam “Pacman” Jones Signs Contract With Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling

Tennessee Titans

Vince Young loses his cool during training camp

Lots of people were surprised that Vince Young was able to perform at such a high level during his rookie year after he appeared to be borderline mentally handicapped when racking up an unimpressive Wonderlic score. He had always shown such poise and sound judgment when behind center last year that it seemed as if VY was simply unflappable. That was until yesterday.

Young got more than a little heated when Titans safety Donnie Nickey took down rookie receiver Joel Filani, who had to be assisted by trainers to the sideline after the hard hit, and followed that up by using a chokehold/clothesline to tackle Courtney Roby. As Young was checking up on his receiver, Nickey and Young began pushing, shoving and hollering at each other. But by the day’s end, all was well between those involved. The group even held a humorous press conference with Coach Jeff Fisher after training camp concluded for the day.

However, the situation could have been much worse for the Tennessee franchise because Young was actually throwing punches at the helmeted Nickey with his throwing hand!

That’s bad. That’s bad. That’s real bad,” Young said.

And while Nickey played the role of the bad guy during the initial incident, he stated that it was just a heat of the moment type thing and was even cracking jokes and giving advice about the scuffle afterwards.

At least not with your right hand man. Jab with the left and wait for the cavalry,” Nickey


[]: Boxing day

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Pacman Jones’ backup plan in life: pro wrestling

So, what do you do when you get suspended from your job for being a notorious malcontent with a rap sheet that would make Suge Knight blush? Well, if you’re Pacman Jones, you go to the only place on earth where criminals are openly accepted: pro wrestling!

That’s right, Pacman is stepping into the squared circle for a body slamming good time according to “sources close to WTVF-TV in Nashville.” But before you go off thinking that Vince McMahon has just done it again by cashing in on some real life notoriety, you should know that Pacman isn’t signing with the WWE. Nope, turns out that the spontaneously combusting McMahon (that was fake, right?) got scooped on the deal and the suspended Titan will be joining the high-flying, hard-hitting crew at TNA. So far, there has been no comment from the big wigs at TNA, but they did say that they would release a statement soon.

Personally, we’re as sick of Pacman as the next guy and we really just want to see him rot in a cell, but now that we’ve gotten wind of this little gimmick, we’re starting to change our mind. After all, if there’s even a sliver of a chance that we could see Abyss slam Pacman onto a pile of thumbtacks then we’re all in. And, anyways, there’s no way he could be any worse than this, right?

Unfortunately, it looks like the Titans could be big party poopers as they are now threatening to pull the plug on the whole deal because it would be a violation of his contract. While, we’d love to see Pacman get slammed right on his head, if he’s relegated to a strictly speaking role it could be equally, if not more, entertaining. But we’re still holding out hope that there is a Steiner Recliner somewhere in Pacman’s future.


[]: Pacman Jones A Professional Wrestler?

Tennessee Titans

When keeping it real goes wrong: Pacman Jones

You know what, Pacman? It’s ok to not keep it real if you got millions and lifelong security at stake. Either that or you can be the fastest guy on the Wal-Mart flag football team.

On Monday, we told you about the latest incident with strippers and guns. Well, more details are coming out and it just seems like Pacman Jones is an idiot who cares more about his thug image than he does getting back in the league.

According to the police report, Jones became angry after another patron at Club Blaze asked an entertainer for a dance and told the man, “I’ll kill all y’all in here.”

An off-duty cop working as a security guard at the club also told police he overheard Jones say, “I’m going to get my gun” as the Titans’ star left the club.

Pacman is like a bad imitation of the guy in White Men Can’t Jump who threatened to get his gun and kill everyone after Wesley and Woody snookered him. He absolutely just doesn’t care whether he’s back in the league or not. Can Goodell ban him from the NFL while on his suspension for this season?

Think about this for a second: Chris Henry got the same memo and Pacman Jones and he hasn’t been in trouble yet. How sad is it when Chris Henry is smarter than you?

[NY Daily News]: NFL wants Pacman facts

Tennessee Titans

Pacman Jones needs some new friends

So much for that full page ad that Pacman took out apologizing to the NFL, the Titans and the fans. Not even an entire summer has gone by and Pacman already is involved in another shooting.

Police are looking for him after a shooting following a fight involving his entourage at an Atlanta strip club at 4 a.m. Monday morning. Police say that Jones and crew got into a fight over a woman with three other people. After everyone left, a member of the entourage shot at the car with the three people who were involved in the fight.

Jones wasn’t present at the time of the shooting and police only want to question him as a witness in the incident (isn’t that how the Vegas incident started out?) but clearly this is an indication that Pacman hasn’t learned a damn thing about being more responsible and making the right decisions. Being at a strip club till 4 a.m. on a Sunday night is clearly the wrong decision. The good news for Pacman is that there are plenty of strip clubs in Canada when he has to play for the CFL.


[AJC]: ‘Pacman’ Jones sought for questioning about shooting incident

Tennessee Titans

If you can dodge traffic, you can dodge a ball!

Considering that Vince Young is the next Madden cover boy and all (check out the commercial, rooks), you’d think that the Titans would want to boost his game sells by giving him some big-time weapons to throw to. Well, let’s see; Tennessee hasn’t made any offseason moves for a wide receiver, they didn’t select a WR with their first pick in the draft and now we find out that the coaches are throwing bricks at the receivers they do have.

Fred Graves is the new wide receivers coach for the Titans and his sure fire technique for getting his players to keep their eye on the ball and follow it all the way into their body is to occasionally throw bricks at the guys. Now, if an ACME brick to the chest doesn’t get your attention then nothing will.

If I toss you a football and you drop it, no big deal unless I am yelling at you as a coach,” Graves said. “But if I toss you a brick, without you sidestepping it, you’re going to look at it with your hands and eyes. You won’t just throw your hands out there because of the consequences. Everybody knows, ‘Hey, this thing will hurt.’

This sounds like a drill that the Cowboys should start using. After all, Terrell Owens had so many balls pass through his hands last season that he looked like Paris Hilton in pads. And anyways, if he doesn’t reel `em in then he takes a brick to the head; what’s the big deal? Hopefully he’s not wearing a helmet at the time. That just might be the only way to knock some sense into that guy.


[]: Titans coach throws bricks to make point