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Meet Vince McMahon’s latest acquisition: The Invisible Man

See, we always knew professional wrestling was fake and here’s the proof. We’re not the only ones who thought was blatantly staged, right? There’s no way the industry can survive with horribly unbelievable performances like that one. C’mon, give us a break, nobody gets up from a superplex!

Odds and Ends: Oklahoma City is currently announcerless

“OKC f’n sucks, kiddo” The longtime voice of the Seattle Sonics has decided to forgo relocating to Oklahoma City, opting instead to remain in Seattle and become the announcer for the city’s – get this – soccer team instead. Kevin Calabro, the voice of the Sonics for 21 seasons, will become the voice of Seattle […]

Odds and Ends: "Babe, I don’t know why he doesn’t hit the ball harder"

For the guys who are in a relationship, sports are usually a safe haven where the girlfriends rarely step foot. However, certain events like all-star games, the Super Bowl and March Madness bring out the inner sports fan within chicks and last night’s Home Run Derby certainly constitutes as such an event. So, for those […]

Odds and Ends: So, you think your fantasy team name is creative, huh?

“Itchy Pujols”: now that’s creative! There’s no avoiding it any longer, fantasy sports are American males’, and some females’, primary obsession in life. You might say that you love your spouse and your kids, but we know where the true emotion lies. Remember when you blew off going to church so you could fine-tune your […]

Nikki Ziering to star in Celebrity Championship Wrestling

Mmmmmm, Nikki Ziering Talk about a small, small world. On the same day we reminisce about Celebrity Boxing, we get smacked in the face with Celebrity Championship Wrestling. Oh, it’s true. It’s damn true. But like any show that features “celebrities,” the term is used extremely loosely. Don’t be expecting to see Brad Pitt or […]

If pro wrestlers think you’re a train wreck, you’re a train wreck

Everyone is talking about Britney Spears these days. And when we say “everyone,” we mean EVERYONE. Even if you live in a world of complete make-believe where CEO’s self combust, dead men walk the earth and people routinely fall for the ol’ rope-a-dope; Britney’s breakdown is still a subject of great concern.

The first lady of pro wrasslin’ will always have our hearts in a `schoolgirl roll-up’

We try to keep our pro wrestling news to a minimum around here, but sometimes we come across a story that we just can’t ignore. Like when one of the legends of the squared circle passes on to the great traveling sideshow in the sky. Lillian Ellison, aka the Fabulous Moolah, died on Friday at […]

Ric Flair doesn’t think imitation is the greatest form of flattery

If you’re a fan of professional wrestling, then you’ve probably been wondering what happened to Ric Flair. No, he’s still not retired yet and he’s not in the hospital after receiving a STD from a lucky lady who took a ride on Space Mountain. No, apparently Flair is too busy suing car dealerships to deliver […]

Pacman Jones is the champion of the world!

Pacman Jones isn’t playing in the NFL this season, but that doesn’t mean he’s not still ballin’ because Mr. Jones is now wearing TNA gold after winning the tag team championships. In a title bout against the then champs Sting and Kurt Angle, Pacman showed his selfish side by refusing several attempted tags from his […]

Pacman Jones describes himself as a "man" on TNA…uh, thanks for the update

So, TNA pulled a fast one on us on Thursday night’s episode of Impact where Pacman Jones was supposed to make his professional wrestling debut. But instead of getting the actual deviant, we got a video of Pacman saying that he was going to be making his first in-person appearance this Sunday at the pay-per-view […]

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