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Odds and Ends: So, you think your fantasy team name is creative, huh?

“Itchy Pujols”: now that’s creative! There’s no avoiding it any longer, fantasy sports are American males’, and some females’, primary obsession in life. You might say that you love your spouse and your kids, but we know where the true emotion lies. Remember when you blew off going to church so you could fine-tune your […]

Jeff Van Gundy is gold in the booth! Gold!

We never thought we’d say this, but we love Jeff Van Gundy! We can’t get enough of the guy and he is quickly climbing our list of former annoyances turned into priceless gold. In fact, if he keeps this up, he’ll soon be joining Jim Rome and Bill Walton right at the top. After all, […]

For a guy who looks like a basset hound, Jeff Van Gundy is a pretty funny dude

Those ESPN commercials with the assorted NBAers riding around in the Winnebago are quickly becoming our favorite ads on television. Sure, they get played a million times a day, but Jeff Van Gundy has some of the best comedic timing we’ve ever witnessed on the small screen. Check out the latest ad when JVG starts […]

Around the Rim: Quick turnaround doesn’t hurt the Spurs in Game 1

The Spurs were slam Duncan the Jazzin Game 1. 1. Spurs continue to dominate Jazz in SA The Utah Jazz took a beating in the second quarter of Game 1 against the Spurs in the Western Conference finals on Sunday and Jerry Sloan’s boys were never able to recover as San Antonio went on to […]

Around the Rim: The Warriors sure could use a beer about now

1. The Jazz step up at home Derek Fisher took one shot during Game 2 of the Utah/Golden State series but it was a biggie as his 3-pointer during overtime gave the Jazz a 123-117 lead that would eventually grow to the final score of 127-117. Fisher was welcomed to the arena with a thunderous […]

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