Tennessee Titans

Snoop Dogg and LenDale White do a video together and pose as the No. 10

The Tennessee Titans got rid of one giant sized headache a few weeks ago when they decided to trade Pacman Jones to the Dallas Cowboys. But they are still holding on tight to their bowling ball of a running back in LenDale White. The USC product has been a disappointment thus far, despite posting 1,000 yards last season and while Jeff Fisher and Vince Young would probably love to see the `round mound of touchdown’ hit the gym during the offseason, White would rather pimp it up with Snoop than pump it up with the Titans.

When rapper Snoop Dogg asked Titans running back LenDale White to be in one of his music videos earlier this offseason, White obliged.

White traveled to Las Vegas for the shooting of “Life of Da’ Party,” mainly because of his friendship with the musician.

“That’s my guy,” White said of Snoop Dogg.

But White wasn’t pushing for a starring role. He makes a cameo in the music video, and that was partly by design.

White said he was careful not to set himself up for second-guessing from others down the road.

“I didn’t want nothing too big,” White said.”Because had I been in that video a long time … let’s say something happened this year and I had only 20 yards rushing. Then everybody around here would be on my back, saying, ‘If he wasn’t in the Snoop Dogg video maybe he would’ve been (better).’

Actually, most Titans fans would probably be thinking that if you tossed in a salad every now then than maybe you’d be better. After all, Snoop Dogg does have the ability to give people the super-munchies by his mere presence alone.


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LA Lakers

Lakers successes make Snoop Dogg wanna sing rap

We all know that Snoop D-O-double-G is about the purple and gold and this season he’s got a whole lot to be happy about. Kobe Bryant is the MVP, Pau Gasol is turning out to be the best pickup since Kevin Garnett went to Beantown and the Western Conference Finals are within reach for the first time since 2004. But why are we telling what Snoopy has to be thankful for? We’ll let him do that himself since he’s dedicated an entire rap to the Lakers latest postseason campaign.

Who would have ever predicted in a million years that Jordan Farmar would be getting shout-outs from the Doggfather in a song! Probably the same people who picked Atlanta would push Boston to the brink.


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General Sports

Snoop Dogg and Tony Romo are exactly alike. What? You don’t see it?

We thought ESPN had totally lost its marbles when they started trying to compare the current Celtics with the 72-win, Michael Jordan led Bulls of 1995-96. Well, Shady Acres is prepared to admit the entire Bristol bunch after Countdown aired a piece on how Tony Romo and Snoop Dogg are cut from the same cloth. We’d like to think this was a joke, but the evaluation is earnest (for the most part). No Kenny Mayne in sight.

Tune in next week to see the crew’s piece on the unbelievable parallels between the lives of Ray Lewis and Weird Al Yankovic.

And since we brought up “weird” and “Ray Lewis”, here’s video of Phil Dawson’s 51-yard field goal attempt giving the Baltimore uprights a pole dance.

That ending was almost as confusing as Emmitt Smith’s player analysis.


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College Football

It’s no east vs. west rap war, but the smack between USC and LSU is becoming pretty entertaining

Snoop recently gave LSU coach Les
Miles a verbal beat down.

Lots of peeps out there seem to think that we can look forward to a USC/LSU national championship game once January rolls around. Hopefully those people are right, because it looks we’ve already got some serious trash talk going down that will, with any luck, build up to epic proportions by the time the BCS starts pissing everyone off.

Les Miles recently made some comments about USC that were not very well received by the fan base.

I would like nothing better than to play USC for the [national] title,” Miles reportedly said in a speech to a heavily pro-LSU gathering in New Orleans. “I can tell you this, that they have a much easier road to travel. They’re going to play real knockdown drag-outs with UCLA and Washington, Cal-Berkeley, Stanford — some real juggernauts — and they’re going to end up, it would be my guess, in some position so if they win a game or two, that they’ll end up in the title [game].”

“I would like that path for us. I think the SEC provides much stiffer competition.

Hey, Les, the men and women of USC are probably the last people on earth that you want to piss off. Mainly because they have a big time rap star with a dirty mouth and stinging tongue that can’t wait to punk you out, which is exactly what Snoop Dogg did on Gump For Heisman. But before you hit play, if there are any young ‘uns in the room, now’s probably the time to throw on a set of earmuffs.


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