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The first in a soon-to-be long string of "shocking" NFL predictions

Say hello to your newest 1,000-yard rusher The NBA season is officially over, signifying the official starting of the countdown to the NFL kickoff. We’re still trying to figure out who our keeper is going to be for this year’s fantasy team, but, luckily, we still have time. And between now and then, we’ll probably […]

There’s no "I" in "team," but there is in "fight"

The Baltimore Ravens minicamp is a scary place to be these days. Not because Ray Lewis is there or because they’ve slipped from Super Bowl champs to the oblivion of 5-11 in 2007 or because Brian Billick is absent after spending the last nine years coaching the squad. The reason Baltimore Ravens minicamp is scary […]

Snoop Dogg and Tony Romo are exactly alike. What? You don’t see it?

We thought ESPN had totally lost its marbles when they started trying to compare the current Celtics with the 72-win, Michael Jordan led Bulls of 1995-96. Well, Shady Acres is prepared to admit the entire Bristol bunch after Countdown aired a piece on how Tony Romo and Snoop Dogg are cut from the same cloth. […]

We hope the men get different uniforms

We’ve never been to a game in Baltimore but apparently they have male cheerleaders on their stunt team. The Ravens recently held tryouts for the squad. Many of the men participating in Sunday’s tryout had good experience, said Dan W., a new participant. Most of them were cheerleaders in college and grew up playing sports. […]

Oct 27 in Sports History: Art Modell steals away in the night

Suckers! In 1995: It is well known how miserable of a sporting existence Cleveland fans have suffered, but this might have been the lowest point, the cruelest blow, the coup de grace gut punch. Browns’ owner Art Modell signed a secret agreement with the city of Baltimore to move his franchise – which probably had […]

Odds and Ends: more on the Stephen Jackson shooting

Stephen Jackson will get off relatively scott free for his strip club shooting incident because his actions “appear to be on safe legal ground” but today it was announced that he will get another year of probation on the charges he faced for the brawl in Detroit. However, the extra year of probation has nothing […]

Sep 14 in Sports History: Jamal Lewis predicts record

In 2003: Jamal Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens broke the single-game NFL rushing record with 295 yards in a 33-13 win against the Cleveland Browns. Lewis carried 30 times for a ridiculous average of 9.8 yards per carry and scored on touchdown runs of 82 (on the second play from scrimmage) and 63 yards. Another […]

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