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Jamaal Tinsley was in the wrong place at defiantly the wrong time

Jamaal Tinsley and his crew were shot at early Sunday morning near a downtown Indianapolis hotel after some apparently jealous thugs took issue with the group at a club. The incident went down around 3:40 a.m. when the unknown assailants opened fire with an assault rifle at the three vehicles Tinsley’s friends were in. The […]

Jermaine O’Neal is basically banging on Jerry Buss’ door

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or so, Jermaine O’Neal wants to get the heck outta Indiana soon.  And of course, he wants to play on a team that can contend for a championship.  After all, Kevin Garnett is finally getting a solid shot at a ring and taking […]

When mascots attack!

An Indiana Pacers fan is suing the Pacers because he calims that Pacers mascot “Boomer” tackled him during a free throw shooting competition and caused permanent back damage. In his lawsuit, Jackson says he attended the March 11, 2005, game against Golden State and was asked to participate in a free-throw shooting contest. He initially […]

Odds and Ends: What not to say to Ben Wallace

According to the Smoking Gun, the phrase that fanned the flames at the Malace in the Palace was “You can suck my balls”. In an interview by NBA Security investigating the incident, Matt Dobek, the Pistons VP of Public relations stated that’s what he heard Artest say to Ben Wallace as he lay on the […]


Odds and Ends: "Pacers’ Jackson kicked disabled man during melee"

Roll up bitch! Roll up! You read that headline and immediately imagined Stephen Jackson kicking a guy in a toppled over wheelchair right? So did we. But before they had the good sense to change it, that’s exactly what the Indy Star had in their news feed. It turns out Jackson kicked a guy with […]

Odds and Ends: more on the Stephen Jackson shooting

Stephen Jackson will get off relatively scott free for his strip club shooting incident because his actions “appear to be on safe legal ground” but today it was announced that he will get another year of probation on the charges he faced for the brawl in Detroit. However, the extra year of probation has nothing […]

Indiana Pacers retire Reggie Millers #31

What more do I have to say that isn’t said by this video of the 1995 playoffs game 1 against the Knicks where Reggie scores 8 points in 32 seconds to beat the Knicks.

Kings reject trade for Ron Artest

Update 1/24: Artest says he’ll go anywhere and now the trade is on again. Make up your mind already. I’m beginning to hate this story. Update 6:40 PM: Kings reject trade for Ron Artest. How come no one loves Ron-Ron? Update: Artest traded to Kings for Peja Stojakovic. I guess Vecsey finally got one right. […]

Artest for Magette off again

Despite Al Harrington’s big mouth, the Artest for Magette trade won’t happen because the Pacers are concerned with his left foot. Despite his ability to both write and paint with it, the Pacers are concerned that he might be be able to be reactivated this season due to a tendon problem. This leaves basically only […]

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