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Say hello to your official mascots of the 2008 Olympics

If you thought the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, Voltron or The Planeterers were some incredible teams then you’ll appreciate the collaborative efforts of Fuwa; not to be mistaken with FUPA. In case you didn’t know, Fuwa is a collection of five characters who will be the Official Mascots of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Frankly, […]

Odds and Ends: Bulldogs dominate March Madness

Now that the NCAA Tournament is set and ready to go (minus the ever popular play-in game of course), it’s time to start filling in all the blank lines of your brackets. But as you do so, you’ll probably notice that there are a whole lotta crazy mascots in this year’s tourney. OK, so maybe […]

Mascots let their big heads go to their big heads

Mascot misbehavior has been at an all-time high this year. It seems like every time you turn around some dope in a costume is attacking some other dope in a costume. Tuesday night at the Summit League tournament championship the mascots from IUPUI and Oral Roberts got to scraping. Unfortunately, no heads went rolling.

Tennessee’s Smokey lifts his leg on the competition

Ever wonder what it would be like to attend the “National Mascot Competition”? We didn’t think so. But the guys over at Best Week Ever did and they sent one of their cronies to Orlando to get the scoop on all the gigantic-headed action. As we expected, it was a total waste of gas. So, […]

Hey, Donald, nobody likes a giant duck with a bad attitude

Okay, so what happens when Shasta the Houston Cougar pisses off Donald Duck? Well, Shasta gets his ass handed to him and Donald gets slapped with a one game suspension. So, was it worth it? When you spend your free time in a sweaty, smelly, hot, heavy, gigantic duck suit, hell yeah it is! Links: […]

He sure can move for a big guy

This might be the most amusing thing you see all day. Is that Justin Timberlake in there? (Hat tip: Larry Brown Sports)

Cowboys and Dolphins fans can’t take it any longer

The mid-70’s seems to be the cutoff for anybody who wants to roam the sidelines at professional football games in silly costumes. Wilford `Crazy Ray’ Jones had been the unofficial mascot in the stands for Dallas in a trademark wild west getup with trademark white cowboy hat. Jones, 76, was never paid by the Cowboys […]

When mascots attack!

An Indiana Pacers fan is suing the Pacers because he calims that Pacers mascot “Boomer” tackled him during a free throw shooting competition and caused permanent back damage. In his lawsuit, Jackson says he attended the March 11, 2005, game against Golden State and was asked to participate in a free-throw shooting contest. He initially […]

Stanford Tree banned from 2007 NCAA Womens Tourney

The Stanford Tree first got in trouble when it was played by Erin Lashnits during the Cal-Stanford game in February. Lashnits was drunk off her ass which violated the no-alcohol policy. Then in March, after Tommy Leep replaced Lashnits, the tree got into trouble again for dancing in a undesignated area. The tree was suspended […]

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