Stanford Tree banned from 2007 NCAA Womens Tourney

The Stanford Tree first got in trouble when it was played by Erin Lashnits during the Cal-Stanford game in February. Lashnits was drunk off her ass which violated the no-alcohol policy. Then in March, after Tommy Leep replaced Lashnits, the tree got into trouble again for dancing in a undesignated area. The tree was suspended for the rest of the tournament.

Well, now the NCAA has decided to take further action by banning the Tree from the Womens tournament next March.

Leep had a classic quote when asked about the suspension:

I thought this was all settled back in March. I sort of look at the NCAA like an ex-girlfriend trying to come and take the boom box back or something.

What decade is Leep living in? We didn’t think they still made boom boxes.

[SFGate]: NCAA fines Stanford for mascot’s behavior at Tournament

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  1. RJ Warner | Aug 28, 2006 | Reply

    The greatest mascot ever?? — Remember when the tree and the bear from Cal got into a rumble on national TV?

  2. rux | Aug 28, 2006 | Reply

    oski won — And just for the heck of it, The Play:

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